Want to bring your favorite photo to life? Display your image at its best by mounting under TruLife non-glare acrylic, adding an encapsulation layer, and hanging it with an aluminum museum back. Learn more about TruLife, and enter our giveaway below! Win a 20” x 30” TruLife photo mount from ArtisanHD and TruLife Acrylic.

What is TruLife Acrylic?

TruLife™ Anti-Reflective Acrylic is a specialized acrylic product developed specifically for face mounting prints (aka second surface mounting). This specialized material is manufactured with an anti-reflective coating, eliminating all glare while allowing brilliant colors and vivid images to shine through.

TruLife Acrylic is lightweight yet abrasion and shatter resistant, and long-lasting anti-static protection reduces dust.

TruLife Printing Options

To create the complete look, you must first select one of three HD photo papers. Use ImageTech Photo Gloss or Austin Jet Silver photo paper for a Salon Mount (with a 2″ clear border). For more information on this, visit the product page.

Next, your photo will be face mounted to 1/8″ TruLife™ acrylic. For a top-shelf print, choose added protection with black Sintra encapsulation.

Finally, choose your hanging style. We like to pair the above print with the aluminum Museum Back. View hanging options here.

Why Should I Upgrade to TruLife Acrylic Prints?

The proof is in the pudding… Well, actually it’s in the reviews! Especially relevant are the following:

how to print like peter lik trulife acrylic

Artisan HD’s work is spectacular & I know from my own experience! The prints on each end in the photo are printed on HD photo paper & faced mounted to TruLife acrylic. Spectacular low glare & metallic sheen. Love them!

Doug Sturgess Photography

unwrapping acrylic face mounted prints

TruLife – I love it – I see a major difference in the glare / non glare!

– Andre Moreau Photography

Next, watch Andre open his TruLife print in this blog post!

TruLife Acrylic was a great choice for printing our multi-phase photo. Our photo of the Manhattan Skyline shows well under spotlights, and the acrylic product adds depth to the photo. There is also no glare on the photo, even when used as a background with our video conferencing equipment. We are extremely pleased with the application for this product.

– Helen R.

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Lauri Bauer Novak, winner of our TruLife giveaway! We’re excited to show you her TruLife Acrylic print 20” x 30” TruLife photo mount after it’s hung on the wall!

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