Dibond mounted standoffs shows off brushed metal printsSummer is almost here! Now that it’s getting warm in most parts of the country, we thought we could address a home decor question. We recently had an inquiry about the best prints for high humidity areas in someone’s home, specifically a bathroom. Other high humidity spots we’ve printed for in the past are boathouses and pool areas. We have four options that can be used in these areas. Read on to learn why these printing methods can withstand heat and humidity.

What are the best prints for high humidity areas?

#1 Option – Dibond Brushed Aluminum

Our number one choice for high humidity areas is Dibond. This brushed metal is extremely popular, offering a unique metallic texture with unsurpassed durability. It’s half the weight of regular aluminum.

We print your photograph or artwork directly onto the brushed metal surface. No paper or lamination is used in this process, which means Dibond is extremely resistant to weathering and corrosion – and humidity! Dibond is so versatile that it’s used to construct office buildings.

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#2 – Encapulated Acrylic Photo Mount

Encapsulated Print Edge of Acrylic Print EncapsulationFull Acrylic Encapsulation offers total protection for your print. Usually reserved for art gallery prints, ArtisanHD now offers this finishing option for anyone looking for a professional, gallery-level print.

  • Ensures stability and durability
  • Makes oversized and panorama formats possible (prevents warping) 
  • A timeless look for photos mounted under acrylic / plexiglass

To learn how to order an Encapsulated Print, visit this blog post.

#3 – Direct to Acrylic

Known for optimum ink adhesion, Direct to Acrylic prints deliver high-resolution images with unmatched detail and durability as a long-lasting print solution.  Choose between 1/8″ or 1/4″ acrylic and 3 types of mounting.

The Direct to Acrylic printing process does not require photo paper. Your photo or digital artwork is printed directly to the plexiglass surface. UV cured ink stands up to the environment, is not affected by humidity, and can be hung outside (place out of direct sunlight for maximum longevity).

See the options here.

direct to board prints white sintra#4 – Direct to Sintra

Like Dibond, Sintra can be cut into shapes beyond your traditional square or rectangle pictures. Since ArtisanHD Sintra varies in thickness (3mm or 6mm), you can layer different prints of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses to create dimensional wall art.

Sintra is a plastic composite, like PVC poster board. Because it’s made of plastic material, Sintra withstands humidity much better than paper or paper-based products. It’s rigid and extremely durable, but also lightweight. If you print direct to Sintra, your piece should hold up fairly well under humid conditions.

Learn More About Sintra Here

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The best prints for high humidity are all available at ArtisanHD.com. Please comment below, give us a call, or send us an email if you have any questions!

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