If you’ve checked out the new products available on ArtisanHD’s website, you may have noticed Acrylic Print Encapsulation. This finishing option may be unfamiliar to some of you, so we’ll give you the basics.

Direct to Sintra Board for Stunning Interior DesignWhy Choose Full Acrylic Print Encapsulation?

Full Acrylic Encapsulation offers total protection for your print. Usually reserved for art gallery prints, ArtisanHD now offers this finishing option for anyone looking for a professional, gallery-level print.

  • Ensures stability and durability
  • Makes oversized and panorama formats possible (prevents warping) 
  • A timeless look for photos mounted under acrylic / plexiglass

How to Order an Encapsulated Print

First, upload your image to ArtisanHD and select your desired print size. Under the Printing tab, select one of the first 3 HD Photo Paper options – FujiFlex, FujiGloss, or Kodak Metallic photo paper. For Mounting, your selection must be Full Bleed (not Salon Mount). Choose between 1/4″ or 1/8″ regular acrylic, or 1/8″ non-glare TruLife Acrylic plexiglass.

Next, find the Encapsulation tab and select your backing material.

Acrylic Print Encapsulation Backing Materials

  • Dibond® white aluminum backing offers complete protection and rigidity, with a professional finish. This commercial-rated, triple-layered composite material ensures stability and adds protection to your print, all while maintaining a low weight.
  • 3mm Sintra backing in black or white offers high quality, modern prints with the same protection and professional look as Dibond®, but at a lower price point. This product is even lighter than Dibond®, and is a fantastic choice for large panoramic pieces where weight may become an issue.
  • Opaque White Vinyl is an option if you are looking for overall image protection without rigidity. The vinyl also prevents ghosting (when the edges of your hanging system are visible through the front of your print after installation).

And finally, choose your hanging hardware! Our most popular encapsulation combination is FujiFlex paper on 1/8″ acrylic, backed with black Sintra, hung with a black or aluminum Museum Wall Mount, but it is possible to hang some encapsulated prints with Stainless Steel Standoffs.

For more information about Acrylic Encapsulation, check out the Product Page. If you have any questions, please email Support@ArtisanHD.com, or call 1-888-948-0009.

If you need help professionally lighting your print, check out this blog post about how to achieve gallery effect lighting for acrylic photos.

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