This Event has been in the Works for Months

Some very lucky professionals who sent their RSVP in time, were treated to an amazing evening of art and technology.  They were also the first to see the Brand New Look of ARTISAN | Modern Colour + Print.

We Co-planned this Event, Interior Design:  Best Kept Secret, with one of Scottsdale’s up-and-coming fine art producers, Emily M. Randolph. It allowed us to share her work, and our facility, with many members of the greater Phoenix Art & Design community.

As luck would have it, Emily was commissioned for a large Graphics Project for a local Retirement Community.  We had over 50 of her amazing images in production, not to mention the custom hand-finished pieces she allowed us to exhibit on her behalf.

As we toured the facility, we had some of her works of art positioned throughout our 40,000+ square foot building.  Emily was able to speak to the unique nature of each one – explaining the different uses of Dibond, Acrylic, layered pieces and photographic print mounts.

Not Just a Spotlight on Emily Randolph – But a Debut for Artisan

WE also had a few things to be very proud of. For starters, each guest was greeted in the newly re-branded lobby, featuring our brand new Logo & Corporate Identity. As Artisan Colour Inc. is steadily marching toward our 20 year anniversary, we took the time to reflect upon our name, brand, legacy and where the company is heading in the near future.

Artisan Colour Lobby

We realized that 90% of our repeat client base refers to us as simply ARTISAN. A name and brand synonymous with competence, excellence and a level of craftsmanship unrivaled in the catalog, pre-press and print industry.

Combining everything we have grown into with what we are striving toward under one umbrella – covering our leading internal IT Services, Pre-press and Colour Correction, On-line services and eCommerce – was a challenge to say the least. But in the end, we arrived at a simple yet effective tag line: Modern Colour + Print.


The technology and experience it takes to work in our industry sector is very modern with several on-site servers, data & file management for over 2 million digital assets, catalog and website development. We will always be the leading edge of what’s new, what’s next and what IS Modern. And of course, as always, everything is centered around the proper representation of COLOUR. It’s in our DNA, since 1998.


Ready, Set, Print!

On the Production or PRINT side of things, well, there is so much we’ve learned, added and perfected over the years, that it would be overwhelming to list.  None the less, it’s ALL under the PRINT umbrella.

And in 2016, it didn’t just end there.  Sure, we know COLOUR, yes, we know PRINT, but our most recent venture also proves that we know ARTISTS! Emily M. Randolph can attest to that, and had the following to say about us:

“I was truly elated when I found Artisan online (at – and then discovered they were right in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. I had been looking for an innovative printer, a company with an excellent and growing array of high-quality materials and an expertise in color matching for my bold, mixed-media artwork. Artisan has excelled above and beyond in both respects. Equally, their customer service is second to none. I am but one artist, yet I am treated by every member of their staff as if I were the CEO of a large company. It is a privilege and pleasure to work with such authentic, professional and talented people. 

I consider them to be my partners, as their state-of-the-art technology and talents have enabled me to stretch as an artist. In particular, my unique sculptures of acrylic-in-relief over Dibond and acrylic are a true collaboration. Artisan helps me bring my visions to life in ever dramatic ways, and I can’t wait for our next creative venture together.” – Emily M. Randolph

Emily M. Randolph at Artisan Event

Emily M. Randolph

Guests mingling at Emily M. Randolph Event at Artisan

Turn Your Photos into a Work of Art

For retail / direct art & photographic reproduction of your OWN images, look no further then This site has been serving photographers, artists, businesses & individuals for over 5 YEARS now!  We are continuing to improve the website, product offerings and services, to help you create personal masterpieces!

Catalog, Print & Graphics

On the National stage, ARTISAN has long been know as one of just a few top-tier Catalog Re-touching houses in the US, trusted by brands like Chico’s, TOM’s shoes, White House | Black Market, Williams-Sonoma, PrAna, Soma, and many more. But our reach has gone beyond the work of Catalog & Print. We have produced and managed graphics packages for Sports Franchises like the San Diego Padres, El Paso Chihuahuas; schools like ASU and Grand Canyon University; as well as national chains like Panera Bread Company, Z’tejas and more.

Locally, here in Scottsdale, we continue to grow and attract new customers ranging from Corporate household names such a Fender & Henkel / Dial, as well as homegrown businesses and talents in the Arizona Artist and Photography Community.

With all this history, unparalleled growth and a colour sensitive eye on the future, we pay homage to OUR brand by keeping our trademark Purple as part of our identity.  We tip our hat to the time-tested “A” that has branded so many Artisan Projects and we embrace the future, with a simple tag line & commitment to all of our valued clients, large and small: More then a Printer, we are Artisan.