We Do More Than Just Professional Color Printing

During this client feature, we explore how listening & supporting a potential new customer can really pay off – for all parties involved! Approximately 3 months ago, we were approached by AZ STAR to assist them with some basic business cards and possibly a tri-fold flyer. When Ali Zaidi, Executive Producer, stopped by our office he was a bit stressed.  Not only did he have problems accessing his High Resolution photos that he wanted to use for the brochure, but he also felt that the basic logo he had needed a bit of work. We do more than just professional color printing!

After the initial consultation, we were introduced to Star Clark, Executive Director and Partner.  Both clients brought with them an incredible passion for their project and were relieved to have found Artisan Colour. We met several times to discuss their needs, brand direction and nature of the business.  We soon realized AZ STAR needed more than professional color printing – they needed a Branding Partner!

Stylish New Studio at Scottsdale Fashion Square

So, after a “quick touch-up” of their existing images and an upgrade to their logo, it was time to talk “Big Picture”.  AZ STAR was opening a stylish new studio at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  It’s mission is to help provide aspiring Models, Singers and Actors gain a foothold in this rather competitive industry.

By offering a host of On-site services, like Headshots, Makeup / Styling and more, this studios vision is to assist their clients start off in the right direction. For added exposure, AZ STAR also promotes Song & Dance competitions to help discover new talent. Be sure to check out their website for more information HERE!

Cohesive Brand Messaging is Created

Knowing that “Image is Everything” in their industry, we worked very hard to help them bring a cohesive brand message to market! Focusing on the core color scheme of black, red and white – we developed a full graphics package to add a polished, sophisticated look to their new studio.

From live-sized, back-lit DuraTrans Graphics in sleek, black, LED powered frames to a glamorous back-drop system for the showroom window. We made sure that the BRAND stayed strong and that the Tag-Line “Dream your Way Out® ” played an integral part in the new graphics.

But it didn’t stop there! We also developed a classy, push-thru acrylic Letter Sign Face which ensured that the Studio Entrance is clearly visible by the many patrons of Scottsdale Fashion Square!

custom sign

Welcome to AZ STAR

Last but not least, to round off the Suite Package, we created a suspended acrylic sign above the reception desk with a Dimensional “Floating Star”. In our industry, it’s the little details that make a big difference. Be it variable “fashion images” on the backs of business cards, professional color printing or the right mix of color & contrast, from a Branding Perspective, we are here to guide our clients so they can look their best! We’ll leave the Hair and Make-up to the Fashion Pros.

Be sure to check this new spot out the next time you are on a shopping excursion at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Who knows, you may be discovered too! To be the STAR of your next print project, look no further then ArtisanHD / Artisan Colour Inc. We can assist you with local projects here in Arizona, OR support your graphic needs on a national level. Simply call 1.877.948.0009 or watch our video on how to upload your images and graphics with our custom configurator!