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Seeing Red – Use Valentine’s Day Color Theory for Perfect Professional Color Printing!

As Valentine's Day approaches, think about the color red and what it means. From passion to demanding attention, it is the most popular color around the world.

The Surprising Pantone Color for 2016 and Professional Color Printing

Professional Color Printing always gets a boost when the new Pantone color of the year comes out; how is 2016 different and what can you expect to see. In this post we'll help guide you with great color resources!

Building brand visibility

You have your mission statement written, and the perfect tagline all picked out. Most people's first step to building your company's visual identity and brand is the selection of your company logo. This important visual image projects to the world what your company represents, and needs to function well in different contexts; website, letterhead, business [...]

A wealth of digital photography tutorials

I quite literally Stumbled Upon this website today. Sean T. McHugh on his site, Cambridge in Colour, posts a quite and extensive and comprehensive list of digital photography tutorials. He covers topics from understanding your camera, to Photoshop techniques, to how we perceive color, and many more. Lots of technical data, but written in a [...]

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