Digital Photography Tips for Perfect Professional Prints… Straight from a Stanford Professor

If you've ever had an interest in digital photography, now is the time to learn. Marc Levoy, a past Stanford professor, has put his recent Google lecture on digital photography online for free. Watch all 18 video lectures plus tackle assignments to hone your newfound photography skills.

What can you do with 37.5 megapixels? Ultra high definition prints!

German camera company Leica worked with Advico Y&R to demonstrate what can be accomplished with a 37.5 megapixel camera. These shots were taken by photographer Christian Bobst with a Leica S2 model. The posters, shown here in their actual location, provide razor sharp close ups of the walls and fences on which they are placed. [...]

QuantiumFilm next phase of digital photography?

Film's dead, right? Then you haven't heard of QuantiumFilm. Just like digital photography revolutionized the industry and replaced most people's traditional film cameras, QuantiumFilm technology may become the new way that digital photography is captured. The new technology by InVisage the uses a matrix of nanoparticles embedded in a polymer film, instead of silver grains [...]

How to take great shots with a point-and-shoot camera

Even if you don't have a professional digital SLR most point-and-shoot cameras have the capability to take some beautiful images, if you know what you're doing. Point-and-shoot cameras are also more convenient in many situations than carrying around a digital SLR with multiple lenses. Jason Fitzpatrick for Lifehacker has some tips on how to use [...]

Getting a better picture starts with the right white balance

While many things can be fixed in post-production, having the right exposure from the beginning can free up time spent on the computer after a shoot for focusing on techniques like stylizing your image. Guaranteeing you have the right exposure is as easy as making sure you have the proper white balance setting for your [...]

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