A lens hood should be an essential piece of gear in every photographers camera bag during the summer, as they play a big role in reducing the appearance of lens flares and haze caused by the sun.

Let’s face it – there are several obstacles that can interfere with a photographer capturing the perfect shot. During the summer, the sun can either be a photographers greatest asset or their worst nightmare. However, there is equipment readily available to help remedy these types of situations.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Lens Hood?

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Avoid Harsh Lighting

Starting with the most obvious reason, attaching a lens hood ultimately redirects or ‘blocks’ the harmful light caused by the sun from reaching your lens. This is the source of unwanted lens flares and the haze like quality that can sometimes appear in your images. However, by design it only cuts out light from the side and not from the front – it will not be of much use if the sun (or light source) is directly in your shot. But in all reality, you should use your lens hood whenever you are able, as it can help reduce any extra light from reflected objects nearby, as well.

If you’re new to photography or still have questions surrounding how to capture high quality photographs using the sun to your advantage, check out this article from the clickin moms blog to learn more.

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Lens Protection

Similar to what you would expect from the use of a protective filter, the lens hood provides additional protection from debris and unforeseen impacts that may occur. You’ll begin to notice the scattered fingerprints and dirt collecting on your lens face will eventually start hindering your image quality – so it is very important to keep this in pristine condition! In addition, if you’re meandering through crowded streets with your camera and happen to bump into another person or object, your lens will also have a bit of shield surrounding it – win, win!

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