We love sharing our ideas for creating personalized wall art with some professional printing help and classic DIY determination. And we love hearing your feedback! One of our blog followers, and a blogger herself, recently told us about an idea she had while reading up on our blog how to use pictures to write out words or phrases.

I recently came across your blog post on DIY wall art – I really loved it and it inspired me to do something similar!
-Juliet Halliwell, Blogger for Canvas Designz

A Custom Spin on DIY

Personalized wall art in a DIY projectBlogger Juliet tapped into something with creating personalized wall art. Although simple with minimal investment, you can create a stunning and very unique piece to adorn your walls and be proud of. Juliet created her own flower wall art – follow her process and smashing results below to spark your own personalized wall art project!

Art in a Day

Set a few hours aside, or a full day if your project is larger, and you could have the perfect personalized wall art, too! Here is what you’ll need to get started:

  • 1 canvas print. You can order a blank canvas or print it in a background color. The size and number of canvases is up to you, and what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • 1 tube of acrylic paint – you choose the color.
  • 5-10 pieces of scrap paper. Look for patterns or as many colors and designs as you like! Think about how the patterns and colors will complement the acrylic paint.
  • Glue gun and a few glue sticks.
  • A couple of foam brushes.
  • Mod Podge (you may want to test this before applying it all over your completed piece).
  • Clear table, floor or craft space.

Create your Personalized Wall Art!

  1. Paint the canvas, ensuring a smooth, even coat. Then let it dry completely.cut-flower-stripes-step2
  2. As it’s drying, grab your scrap paper and some scissors. Decide on the shapes that you want to use and cut them out of the scrap paper. Tip: don’t go for perfectly measured and symmetrical shapes – eyeballing it makes it look more natural (unless you’re doing a geometric pattern).
  3. Trim the scrap paper patterns. For the flower wall art, cut the shapes into rectangles, then trim a curve along the arch to create a petal shape. Repeat the trimming process will all shapes until they look the way you’d like. Again, slight variances in shape and size will look more natural, especially for a flower!
  4. Once the canvas is dry, paint the second layer. This layer will show, so be a bit more careful about brush strokes and eve coverage. Be sure to paint the edges of the canvas so you have the option to hang it without a frame. Now let the canvas dry completely.
  5. Once the secnod layer of paint is dry, load your glue gun and get ready to place your shapes on the canvas.
  6. Decide on the framing of your image – will it be in the center or off to one side? Start laying out all of the shapes. When you’re happy with the pattern, glue each scrap paper shape, one by one. Be careful not nudge the other shapes as you go! You can also glue shapes around the edges of the canvas and around corners.
  7. Arrange and glue shapes, then add mod podge for a glossy look

    Arrange and glue shapes, then add Mod Podge for a glossy look

    Optional: to add a glossy and protective finish, use Mod Podge. Though test it in an area first ot make sure it looks the way you’d like it to. Apply a thin and even coat across the entire canvas. Allow to dry completely.

Voila! Your own personalized wall art masterpiece! For Juliet’s full step-by-step guide, visit her DIY Flower Wall Art blog.

Take the Graphic Design Approach

Not interested in spending a day getting sticky with a glue gun and cutting out shapes? You can achieve a similar look digitally, albeit with less texture. Artwork and photographs look stunning when printed directly on canvas. Canvas wall art is timeless and classic, yet makes your home or office walls look like a modern gallery. Check out ArtisanHD custom canvas prints to create your personalized wall art!