Considering Dibond prints for your home or office, but not sure what the medium really looks like? We all know some things can look one way when photographed or in the background of a video, but can then look completely different when viewed up close. So let’s go to the surface and see…

An Up Close Look at Dibond Prints

Voila! This video shows exactly what Dibond truly looks like along its brushed aluminum surface.


A stunning and modern choice for artwork and photography, Dibond offers some unique features over other professional printing mediums. In Dibond, the most impressive element is the medium itself – metal. When ArtisanHD prints directly on Dibond, any white in the image falls away to reveal the natural brushed metal surface.

This makes the brushed metal actually a part of the artwork itself. And makes the artwork appear differently when printed on Dibond than printed on another medium, such as canvas or direct to acrylic. The metal surface also adds a metallic element to the colored areas of the artwork, making it shine both literally and figuratively.

Direct to Brushed Aluminum Dibond Print

Then there is the durability. Here in Arizona, the sun is fierce and fades colors quickly. But with the UV cured color ink that we use on our Dibond prints, the color remains vibrant. This makes Dibond an excellent professional printing medium for exterior signage or if the artwork will be mounted in an area that receives direct sunlight; big windows and sky lights are also popular in Arizona!

Turn Your Walls into a Gallery

Direct to Dibond prints and other professional printing mediums used to be reserved only for galleries, photographers and artists. But the secret is out – anyone can make their walls look like a gallery with the help of ArtisanHD!

Using our intuitive HD configurator, you can take any piece of artwork or photograph and create a stunning masterpiece. From a panoramic sunset shot to your child’s art project, using Dibond prints instantly takes the cool factor up a few notches. Let the experts at ArtisanHD help you showcase your imagery with style!