In the January issue of The Big Picture magazine they ran a feature article discussing the companies that use machines with white ink. Their cover is reminiscent of the Beatles White Album. Like the Beatles were to music, machines with white ink are revolutionizing the market.

Our Océ Arizona 350GT is widely recognized by the industry as having a superior print quality, and has a white ink option. Big Picture approached us to participate in their article, we were happy to extol the virtues of our equipment and company. Here are some excepts from the article.

Making White Noise – by Jake Widman

The company’s latest acquisition: an Océ 350GT Arizona flatbed printer, which is versatile, Cook adds. “We have the roll-to-roll option and can print up to 86-inches wide, and we can print on the flat substrate up to two-inches thick. With the white-ink option, it opens up new markets. We do a lot of work on supplied materials, and artists bring in ceramic coaster or tiles and we output images onto those.”

Cook recently called on the 350GT’s white-ink capabilities in a job for an auction house dedicated to classic and high-end automobiles. When a car is sold, the auction house has a photographer take pictures of it from multiple angles. “For years, they just archived those photos and never did anything with them,” Cook says. “They wanted to expand, and we were asked to come up with ideas high-lighting our capabilities for their marketing group”

One result: a 24×30-inch print of three views of a 1940s Buick station wagon. The image was provided by the auction house, archived by Artisan, and then printed on 3mm brushed silver Alcan Dibond aluminum composite. “The photos have white elements that would not work without white ink, such as the whitewall tiers and the chrome highlights,” Cook says. “In addition to printing white in those areas, we put white spot channel behind the whole image to ensure it would be opaque and the colors would pop.”

Our thanks to the folks at The Big Picture magazine!