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Beautiful art prints are meant to be displayed. We have all the design tips you need for decorating your space with custom artwork. Get design tips to help elevate your home décor, like the rule of three. Choosing the best printing materials for your image and design plans. Learn how to design custom prints using clusters and splits for truly unique décor. Here you’ll find everything you need to design custom prints perfect for your space.

Wallpaper is back – and you may not recognize it

We have seen a resurgence in the usage in wallpaper lately. With the ability to print directly from a digital file, interior designers, photographers, or any creative soul can now see their vision realized in a big way. Many designers are using this technique with an accent wall of a custom motif created specifically for [...]


Here are a couple of ways that puzzles, art, and printing have been creatively combined. Kent Rogowski created this image for his series entitled Love = Love by mixing pieces from store-bought puzzles. Flowers and skies were taken out of over 40 store bought puzzles and combined to form a series of spectacular landscapes. Although [...]

Big and small

Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle got their start in food and commercial photography. They met at the Paris "Arts Decoratifs" art school and blended their styles to create these truly unique miniature fantasy worlds under the name minimaim. What better to showcase the detail in their small set ups than large prints. The contrast between [...]

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