Use wallpaper to make your room look bigger

Much like fashion, interior design trends tend to go in cycles. Many designers are re-discovering the possibilities with wallpaper. It can be used as an accent wall or, as described in this article, use a vertical pattern to help lift and visually make a small room look larger. With the UV Curable printing process on our Arizona 350 GT, not only is the printing process environmentally friendly, but designers also have an opportunity to create and implement a one of a kind custom design.

Wallpaper gives small space character: by Christine Brun

Sometimes a room needs more than just a coat of paint, especially if it is a room that serves a distinct purpose.

It is exactly in smaller spaces such as an entryway or a powder room that we feel most comfortable experimenting with new things. If the result isn’t quite what we imagined, it is easier and less expensive to correct.

Other times, however, the emphasis you seek is for an area of greater impact, such as a living-room wall just begging to be treated as a focal point. Maybe you want to do more than just paint it a different color. Fortunately for the wallpaper industry, after what seems like a long drought, many people are turning to wall coverings to achieve that pizzazz.

…The photo shows wallpaper designed by Candice Olsen, host of “Devine Design” on HGTV. The soothing color and subtle vertical-print pattern help “lift” the ceiling height in the room, a good strategy for smaller rooms in general.


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