Perhaps you are living in tight quarters with limited space, or would just like the convenience of being able to tuck away your table when not in use. This innovative table from Ivydesign doubles as wall art and a table. Mounted to the wall, when not being used as your eating area, it folds up into an attractive framed photo. You can use and switch out your own artwork in the frame. The only drawback is that it looks like they currently don’t ship to the US. I guess I will have to make my own or wait until Ikea knocks it off. Found [Via]

Picture Table

For private habitations, hotel rooms, coffeehouses, lounges, multifunctional spaces,… A usually space consuming, functional piece of furniture can be turned easily into a decorative, space saving object. The table mounted on a side wall can be rotated towards and fixed on the wall. The poster can be chosen and exchanged by yourself.
Size: 130 x 85 x 78cm