Room dividers can be used for many reasons. Probably their biggest use is to create defined spaces out of a larger room. They can also add a decorative accent to a room or even an outdoor area. Folding screen and flat panel screen fabric dividers are very versatile and make easy DIY projects. For the ultimate personal touch start out with fabric printed with your own image or patterned design. Here are some ideas to get you started.


A portable folding screen usually has three or four panels which connect to each other with hinges. These are very handy for screening off untidy corners used for storage or providing a private space for, say, changing clothes or computer area.

You may have existing material for the framework, such as old shutters. If that’s the case, just hinge them together. Otherwise, make new wooden frames and hinge these together. Simply staple the fabric to the frames. You can print one big image and split up between all of the panels or pick a different images for each panel.


This portable divider is just one panel, standing on feet for stabilization. It can be a great way to split up a living room from a dining room or divide squabbling siblings up in to two individual bedrooms. Durable weather resistant fabric can be used for an outside living areas to help reduce traffic noise, block out neighbors, and create your own personal sanctuary.

A quick frame can be built with PVC piping. Measure out how big of a screen you would like for your space and cut pieces for the top bottom and sides with saw or get them pre-cut at your local hardware store. Connect the top and the sides together with the elbow connection joints. Connect the bottom and the sides with four-way connectors. For the feet place 1 foot pipes into the open slots of the three-way connector, and place covers over ends to finish. You can spray paint the PVC to match your color scheme. To add the fabric you can either sew pole pockets on the edges; or for the sewing challenged, finish with velcro and loop over poles. Once the frame is made it is easy to swap out fabric if you ever want to change the decor.