Can you recognize the brand with display graphics?Corporate identity and brand consistency are so important in marketing, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Can you recognize the brand name to associate it with all the services and products that the company offers? Sometimes an overlooked part of that corporate identity and consistency is physical display graphics. But since consumers often see these displays first and foremost, they are essential to brand marketing. Then there is the point of purchase graphics, which can be the lasting impression left with the consumer.

Can you recognize the brand with CID and display graphics?

Whether you are new to professional printing and display graphics, or you’re re-branding and need a new, consistent look – all the options for signage can seem overwhelming. To determine the best material for your display graphics, think about a few elements:Display Board of Can you recognize the brand?

  • What is the purpose of the signage? Point of sale display graphics will be designed a bit differently than wayfinding graphics.
  • Where will the signage live, inside or outside? Certain materials are better suited for extended exterior use, especially in sunny areas like Arizona.
  • How and where will the signage be mounted? Will it hang from the ceiling, need to be free-standing or attach to an existing display?
  • Is the signage temporary, or will it be used over and over again? Some materials are more durable than others, but the cost may not be worth it for signage you know you will only use once.
  • Can you recognize the brand based on the signage alone?

Sintra, Dibond or Infinity Board?

Once you have a solid idea of your signage needs, it’s time to think about materials. The questions above will certainly help point you in a specific direction, from strong and durable direct to Dibond printing to stunning Sintra prints. In a recent interview with printing material manufacturer 3A Composites, I explained the difference between the two leading display graphics and specifically how we make recommendations for our clients.

“We make recommendations. For instance, a 1/2″ thick Sintra letter will look awesome in a lobby, versus aluminum or stainless steel. For the exterior we certainly recommend Dibond, depending on the geographic location. The reason I say that is here in AZ we get a ton of UV ad direct sunlight, so sometimes we may need to go a little more heavy duty with the Dibond.”

When a corporate identity and branding project needs depth, we turn to Infinity Board printing. The material is thin (but rigid), so it’s easy to layer. The face of the board can also be a different color and print than the edges, lending to even more dimension.

Work with Pros

Of course, the materials and quality of printing are just as important (if not more so) than your brand marketing campaign. It’s all about execution and together, 3A Composites and ArtisanHD create masterful display graphics that meet expectations while staying in budget. To quote 3A Composites, “CID is a marketplace where branding becomes a promise, a promise that the products you buy are worthy of the brand name.” The right display graphics illustrate that promise. They undoubtedly answer the question, can you recognize the brand? At ArtisanHD, we work with clients on their campaigns, designs, professional printing, graphic displays, and that brand promise!