For many people, hanging picture frames is a frustrating and daunting task. Add in specialty frames and materials, and the task might get so overwhelming that you just have beautiful prints collecting dust in a closet rather than on your walls. But it’s simpler than you think! Just follow a few guidelines on how to hang acrylic frames. Bonus, apply these concepts to other ArtisanHD prints, too!

A Keen Eye on Picture Height

There are several methods to achieve your desired look for your decor. This one posted on takes into consideration the average eye level of most viewers and then uses that magical number 66″ from the floor to find the sweet spot on where to hang your nail. Using this method puts your art at the “correct” viewing height, level with other frames in the room, even if they are different sizes.

  1. First, make a sketch and get ready for some basic math (it’s worth it, I promise!). On a piece of paper draw a diagram (this helps). Then make the following calculations.
  2. Take frame height – H – and divide by three. This is E.
  3. Measuring down from the top of the frame, E is going to be roughly eye level at 66″. We’ll call this L. Because we divided the frame by three, this point should also be two-thirds up the frame from the bottom.
  4. D is the difference between the 66” mark and where the hanger will go.
  5. X is where the picture hanger is placed.
  6. V corresponds to X, as that is where the wire hangs on the hanger.

To recap:
H divided by 3 = E (thirds)
E minus V = D ( Difference between wire and top third point)
66″ + D = X ( Eye level plus difference is where the hanger goes)

Now, it may seem complicated. You don’t have to be a math wiz – once you practice this method once or twice, it will make sense and be an easy way to pull all your artwork pieces together.

Envision Your Gallery Wall

how to hang pictures on a wall gallery wall


Hanging more than one acrylic print? Use craft paper to plot it out. Start by tracing the frames on the paper, then cut them out so that you have actual-size stand-ins for the frames. Using painter’s tape (that won’t peel the paint off of the walls), tape the paper cut-outs on the wall where you envision them.

Tip: Start with the center frame and use the magical 66″ method mentioned above. With groupings, like gallery walls, clusters and splits, consider putting the largest frame in the center or at the center bottom.

Adjust as necessary – before taking out the nail and hammer – until you are happy with the layout.

The Technical Side of How to Hang Acrylic Frames

While how to hang acrylic frames with stand-offs or museum mounts is not as simple as hammering a single nail in place, it’s not too difficult, either. In fact, we’ve made it even easier with videos! We still recommend using the magical 66″ method to find the right place on the wall to hang the acrylic frames. It’s a good place to start, at least.

Hopefully, this inspires you to get those art prints on the wall, and order even more from ArtisanHD! We have several other how-to videos on our ArtisanHD YouTube channel, as well – subscribe to stay on top of all things professional printing (including sales!).