Light box displays using DuraTrans are most commonly seen in point of purchase (POP) retail displays. And with good reason!

Backlit colorful display art catches your eye and professional printing on DuraTrans makes product images really POP when lit up from behind. But, this backlit look doesn’t have to be just for your local storefront!

So why not build a light box to dazzle your artwork display?

ArtisanHD Light Box sample from artist Max Zorn

Photo Credit: Tape Artist Max Zorn does an amazing job of showcasing his unique style of art using simple light boxes.

You can use your own picture, and create some soft mood lighting to boot.

Max Zorn, an amazing large format street artist we admire, uses the back-lighting from lightboxes to display his art work – which he makes out of tape!  As Max points out, stained glass is captivating when the sunlight shines through it, so why not give your artwork the same pizzazz?

How to Build Your Own Art LightBox Display – DIY Style!

  1. Start assembling your DIY Art LightBox by nailing in three finish nails to hold each corner of your DIY LightBox together. (The two shorter planks will sit inside the two longer ones.)
  2. Next you’ll want to make sure the box is square, measure from corner to corner at a diagonal across the box. If both measurements are the same, you’re set; if not, adjust as necessary, then drill three screws into each corner. (Mad respect to my ninth-grade geometry teacher, Mrs. Blaney!)
  3. Alright – time to take a breather – reward yourself with a refreshing beverage!
  4. Now, for the fourth step, you’ll want to nail your trim pieces inside your light box, flush with the edge—two longer ones first, and parallel to each other, then two shorter pieces between them.

For a full materials list and step-by-step instructions,
check out How to Build a Light Box by Max Zorn.

Check out Zorn’s full how-to post, where he shares a full materials list as well as all the step-by-step instructions to walk you through building your own light box for displaying your own backlit art (Bravo Max!!)

Pst – Our print artisans at ArtisanHD suggest using nails rather than screws for your backlit art displays. (Since nails are just so much easier to remove, so you can swap out your art display whenever you would like.)

Print your art using DuraTrans backlit media or as a direct to Plexiglas print from ArtisanHD to display your artwork brilliantly when backlit by your DIY LightBox!

Don’t want to go to the hardware store or hammer through the hassle of building your own DIY light box art display?

ArtisanHD can help you print your artwork on DuraTrans in brilliant HD color with your own state-of-the-art (reusable) Trappa Snap Light Frame Lightbox. All shipped right to your front door, ready for you to simply hang and enjoy!