This is a great way to add a personal touch to your artwork for yourself, or as a gift. You can use items that you may already have laying around the house. Nothing too out of the ordinary that a quick trip to an art supply store couldn’t take care of. Instructables is a great site full of these kinds of useful ideas. You may need to sign up as a member to see all the steps.

Painted Glass Photo Mat

Create a great looking Photo Mat, without cutting Mat Board, or requiring any special tools.

Materials Needed
Here’s the list of materials needed for this Instructable:

– A Photo to Frame (any size you wish)
– Picture Frame (with glass, precut photo mat not required)
— NOTE: The picture frame MUST be at least 2-3 inches larger in all directions than the photo you are planning to put into this frame. The extra area will provide the space for you to paint, while still allowing your photo to be fully viewed.
– Acrylic Paint (buy individual paint tubes, or a set of many colors)
– Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paints (in whatever sizes/design you prefer)
– Poster board (or large piece of cardboard)

Misc items from around the house:

– Ruler
– Pen/Pencil
– Double-sided tape
– Scissors