For artists who are putting together a show of their works, one of the biggest challenges is with high-volume printing. From timing to cost to quality–there are a lot of moving parts to be factored in that make the whole process extremely complicated and intimidating. And this is the exact challenge that ArtisanHD helped Kerrick James to overcome for his Arizona Visions show.


Kerrick James is a Mesa-based photographer who has been capturing the beauty and soul of Arizona for over 40 years. Starting in 1977, he first started exploring the beauty in nature–from the iconic landscapes of the Grand Canyon National Park to the emerald waters in the Black Canyon. Over time, he branched out and began to capture the people and cultures that make up the heart and soul of the Southwestern state.

To document his work over the span of 40+ years, Kerrick James wanted to produce a one-person show called Arizona Visions. Working with Alan Fitzgerald of Art Intersection in Gilbert, the photographer was planning to put together a show featuring about 70 of his Arizona art prints, which will be on display for three months at the Gilbert Historical Museum in Arizona with plans to travel about the state afterward.

Kerrick James Art Gallery Prints

The Challenge of Printing 70 Art Gallery Prints

With the project involving such a massive collection of art gallery prints, it presented several unique challenges for the photographer. First of all, he needed a service that was capable of handling the volume of printing required.

Capacity aside, there couldn’t be any sacrifices in terms of quality–every single print piece needed to be exhibition-grade. He wanted all of his Arizona art prints to be mounted in some form, either with acrylic or on Sinatra with a UV laminate. That would significantly bring up the cost as he couldn’t rely on just any service that could provide him with affordable prints.

Moreover, there couldn’t be any delays since the show would have a fixed timeline to follow. That meant the prints would have to be completed and delivered in time for the exhibition.

Kerrick James gallery

The ArtisanHD Solution for Art Gallery Prints

Considering all these factors, Kerrick James needed fine art photo printing services that could address all these challenges. And ArtisanHD was the artist’s first choice. Working directly with ArtisanHD, Kerrick James was able to get all 70 of his Arizona art prints ready in time for his Arizona Visions show.

To achieve the stunning and professional art gallery quality prints that this project required, Artisan HD decided to print to acrylic. Utilizing TruLife Acrylic, the artist was able to get exhibition prints with anti-reflective coating so there are no glares or reflections to distract from the true beauty of the photographs. Moreover, this innovative coating protects from UV, dust, and static and is even resistant to shattering, resulting in robust art prints that are ready to withstand the demands of being on the road and traveling throughout the state.

Grant Johnson Gallery

The Human Imprint – By Grant Johnson

Under our partnership, Kerrick James was also able to enjoy the Arizona Highways photographer discount, allowing him to save 20% in printing costs. ArtisanHD completed the high-volume order fulfillment perfectly and in time for the exhibition.

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Getting Your High Volume Printing Needs Fulfilled with ArtisanHD

When you’re putting together a show of your works, you need fine art photo printing services that can not only handle the capacity required but do so in a way that ensures exhibition-grade prints and on-time delivery. On top of that, you should be able to meet all these requirements as cost-effectively as possible.

ArtisanHD offers high-volume custom printing services to deliver large volumes of exhibition prints with a professional and stunning finish. Learn more about our high-volume printing services and see how you can save up to 20% on your order.

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