Of course you know where to go to get the best digital photography fine art prints in the most customizable sizes and substrates. But what if you need several pieces of wall art, have multiple shipping addresses, or the artwork is part of a larger interior design project and consistency is essential?

It’s still us! Or rather, our parent company, Artisan Colour.

Prints or Project?

ArtisanHD is laser-focused on high-quality digital fine art prints. The available substrates, custom sizing (up to seven feet), and precise router cutting make us an ideal printing partner for photographers, artists, and prosumers. Whether it’s gallery-worthy direct to acrylic or modern ChromaLuxe metal prints, our products are made to shine.

As the parent company to ArtisanHD, Artisan Colour expands the capabilities of that quality fine art focus. With decades of catalog and commercial printing experience, Artisan Colour is well suited to take on the details and manage the process of executing a large-scale art project.

ArtisanHD Makes the Introduction

Mark Laverman Mike Goldner hospitality printing thank you sneakerArtisanHD is a mainstay in the professional artist, photographer, and prosumer realms. We make an effort to introduce ourselves at art festivals and galleries, and many of our customers refer us to other artists and photographers when they need professional, stunning prints. Which is one reason we created our new Brand Ambassador program.

For this reason, ArtisanHD is often the point of introduction to Artisan Colour large scale fine art printing.

In the case of a recent hotel interior design project, the brand designer, Mark Laverman, Executive Director of Branding and Advertising at Six Degrees, met Artisan’s Mike Goldner at an Arizona Highways Expo. The level of quality the designer saw there stuck with him, and when he needed new fine art prints for a hotel redesign, he recommended us.

Thanks, Mark, for helping us get a big ol’ Foot in the Door! As a thank you for the recommendation, we came up with this fun-size 22 sneaker filled with goodies.  We hope you enjoyed it and know we won’t forget, and hopefully neither will you!

ChromaLuxe Seals the Deal

In the case of the hotel interior design project, the client needed more than just a few prints. We recognized this early on and were able to pass the torch to Artisan Colour during the client’s bidding process.

This smooth transition and our experience with project management, substrate sourcing and timeline management allowed us to recommend the best product for the project: ChromaLuxe metal prints. One of the most vibrant and versatile materials to showcase color & detail.

To update the artwork on all six floors of the Poconos resort, 2,356 individual prints were ordered. They were spread out over 453 sets of a nature and seasons theme, complementing the resort’s surrounding great outdoors.

Sizes ranged from 24” x 36” up to 60” x 40” – with ChromaLuxe, custom sizes can go as large as 4’ x 8’!

Modern appeal and color vibrancy aside, another reason ChromaLuxe made a great substrate for the project is its ease of maintenance. For high traffic areas, and areas that need to be sanitized regularly, ChromaLuxe’s non-porous surface is ideal. It can withstand chemical wipe downs again and again, never losing its shine. This also makes it fantastic in Healthcare related applications!

ChromaLuxe fine art prints on display in hotel ArtsanHD web

Fine Art Prints to Fine Art Project

With thousands of prints for multiple floors of a hotel, precise project management and closely monitored logistics were key to the project’s success.

From project onset in September, the first delivery was scheduled just one month later and the final delivery slated for the end of the year. So many moving pieces in a tight timeline meant our Artisans had to work in efficiency overdrive – nothing new!

But since every Artisan Colour and ArtisanHD project is made by hand, we implemented a few changes to ensure the success of this project.

1. We rearranged the ChromaLuxe printing and dye sublimation room for optimal workflow.
2. We created frame assembly and installation stations with cuom jigs nearby
3. We ordered custom crates to safely ship the prints across the country.

While meeting deadlines was a priority, and sometimes a challenge with uncontrollable deliveries and weather delays, quality was still number one. Each print was triple-checked before it made its way into the custom shipping crates.

ArtisanHD Gallery Prints on the Large Scale

When a customer needs a large number of gallery-quality digital fine art prints – think hundreds to thousands – that’s when Artisan Colour takes the wheel. Of course, continuous communication is key, which is easy when everyone is headquartered in the same high-tech print shop. And uses the same top-of-the-line materials and manpower. It’s more a matter of skilled, experienced project management.

Have a large-scale photography fine art prints project in mind? We can help! No project or number of prints is too large or too small – we can handle it all! Contact the Artisans today to get started.