As we move toward the holidays, Artisan HD is excited about working with clients to produce incredible gifts and presentation images. Winter provides a wonderful opportunity for imagery, and we are already catching the spirit of the season.

Winter Photography Tips & Help: “If you are thinking that it is cold and you would rather be inside with a hot chocolate, snoozing in front of a warm fireplace, your photographs will reflect that attitude. Get pumped and enjoy the challenge of attacking the wintry conditions outside. Your photographs will display your enthusiasm. This might also be the time to think of ‘On-The-Go Photography’ when you ‘Travel Light & Travel Simply.’ “

Here is another small list of things to think about.

  • Be careful not to drop anything in the snow. Cleaning it off can be quite time consuming.
  • Even if you prefer prime lenses for most uses, seriously consider using a zoom in winter to avoid having to change lenses as frequently. Getting blowing snow in your camera will make your day a lot less enjoyable.

There are more… take a look.