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High Definition & High Impact Metal Dibond Prints

Print directly on metal with UV Cured Ink! No paper used.
Modern. Sleek. Stylish.

We print directly on to brushed aluminum Dibond composite boards and we print your image with color ink only. Any areas of the image that are a true white will fall away to show the raw brushed metal surface.

Dibond — a trade name for the two thin sheets of Aluminium enclosing a Polyethylene core which works well for numerous printing applications — are lightweight but strong. The extremely flat surface of Dibond is great for printing high quality graphics or text and it’s one of our top go-to options for a clean and modern look with exceptional quality. Aluminum prints continue to be a very popular professional print medium, second only to Acrylic / Plexi prints.

About our Dibond Printing

Dibond Direct-prints on brushed metal
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for an 11"x14"
sizes up to 47.75"x47.75"

Dibond Direct (Brushed Metal)

We print your photograph (or artwork) at high detail, directly onto the brushed metal Dibond surface. No paper or lamination is used in this process.

The brushed metal finish brings out a very unique look to your artwork and makes it like no other.

The Dibond is 1/8" thick, very stable and very durable.

    closeup of artwork printed on metallic Dibond metal

    What is Dibond?

    Dibond panel combines two 0.3 mm aluminium surface layers (it's 1/8" thick), with a polyethylene core and comes with textured (brushed metal) finish. Dibond is very strong and it has a very high resistance to weathering and corrosion. With it's high stability and rigidity, it makes a excellent, and unique base for us to print your work of art directly onto.

    Caution: Dibond is metal, and we cut it to size with a high speed router, so the edges can be dangerous to small children and pets if placed low on your wall! Please be careful with your placement.

      How is Dibond different from using metallic paper?

      In the Direct Dibond Print Process, we will print your image directly onto the surface of the board, using High Resolution Flatbed Inkjet Printers. The “metal” effect carries throughout the image, as our UV cured inks are not 100% opaque, allowing the grain and luster of the brushed aluminum surface to shine through. The lighter the color, the more grain is visible – and once we reach a pure white, you will see the brushed silver surface of the Dibond aluminum panel shine through, giving the print unique highlights and texture quality.

      When comparing this process to Kodak Metallic Paper, it is important to distinguish the difference between Direct Printing and Laser Exposed, archival Photo printing. Our Kodak Metallic Prints are continuous time – laser exposed prints, a TRUE photograph… the metallic effect is inherent to the photo paper – it gives the images an overall pearlescent metallic look, perfect for Monochrome photography, but also lots of fun for bright colorful images where a bit of extra sparkle and pop is desired.

      2 Hanging & Framing Options for Metals

      FinishingMuseum Wall Mount

      Museum Wall Mount

      Enhances the viewing experience and presentation by having your art "float" on the wall.

      FinishingStainless Steel Standoffs

      Stainless Steel Standoffs

      1" deep stainless steel standoffs are a unique and modern way to present your art.

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