Dibond Prints Deliver:

We couldn’t have said it better our self! One of our clients posted a very kind write-up on our Facebook page that simply had to be shared with a bit more detail. We are often asked about Dibond prints and to consult on what we think the best possible medium is:

When creative meets the right material it takes on a life of it’s own! Artist Emily Randolph describes this image as, “the dragon from my youth, from my parents’ stories.”

Our Direct to Dibond Prints have sparkle and pop!

The story is brought to life with Dibond Prints!

She was very excited that, at last, it was brought to life. The art displayed above is a stunning print, direct to Dibond.

What is Dibond you Ask?

The Dibond material is a composite product, merging a tough precision milled and textured aluminum facing with an  1/8″ PVC core.  Finally a second layer of enamel painted aluminum is applied.

The manufacturer takes great pride and care in delving a very uniform Product so the grain or texture is the same, sheet after Dibond sheet. This gives many commercial artists the flexibility to reproduce their creations with stunning consistency.

Big shout out to my innovative partner Artisan HD for their superior color, material and customer service. Thanks so much, Artisan HD. Let’s do it again, soon!Emily M. Randolph Photography

Are you ready to see how this product can elevate your digital image? Then look no further! Go to ArtisanHD.com and check it out for yourself. In case you have questions, please feel free to call us directly at 1-877-948-0009.