Meet Beverly Everson, a photographer. Her work has been published in Living the Photo Artistic Life and Women In Art 278, and has been featured on the Chromecast slideshow. We find her combination of photography and digital artistry to be quite pleasing to the eye.

An Interview with Beverly Everson

Beverly Everson showcases her digital artistry “I love to create original, eye-catching art from my own photos. Original digital art, often using photos of ordinary or mundane subjects, has become my passion! I particularly love making the ordinary extraordinary, helping people see what they think they’ve seen but now see in a different way. What a fun and exciting trip it is and the end is nowhere in sight!”

Beverly Everson showcases her digital artistry
How did you get started as a visual/digital artist?

I enjoyed drawing and painting growing up and I majored in Fine Art in college. I got into photography in 2006 with a digital point and shoot camera. After 3,000 shots in three weeks I was hooked! My photography style evolved gradually and I happened upon Photoshop Artistry taught by Sebastian Michaels. That was the major turning point in my artistic evolution. From there I took Sebastian’s AWAKE: Living The Artistic Life year-long course and then a specialized course, Kaizen.  It’s been a thrilling ride and has changed my outlook and abilities forever! I highly recommend his classes for anyone who wants to grow in their artistic/photographic talent and capability.

Would you describe yourself as a photographer, digital media artist, or something else? How have these skills helped you on your path?
I think digital media artist would best describe my work these days. I still primarily use my own photographs but mix in bits and pieces of photography, textures, and overlays I’ve collected in my classes. With my background in fine art and photography the composition really fell right in place, but I continue to learn and sharpen my skills and eye.

Are there any creative patterns, routines, or rituals that help you in your work?

I try to create art every day but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes life gets in the way and there’s not enough time to do it all. When I got an iPad Pro it became much easier to create art without sitting at my computer or being out in the world with a camera. Add a smart phone to the mix and there aren’t many excuses not to work on something creative most days. Of course, some days the creativity seems to flow and other days, not so much. But a true artist keeps at it whether you are in the mood or not. Growth and productivity go hand in hand.

Beverly Everson Kitchen digital artistry What’s the best advice you’ve ever had on being more creative with digital artistry?

Put in the time. Waiting for a feeling of inspiration wastes time. Keep producing and the creativity will show up.

Do you have a good artist community where you live, or do you rely on online collaboration?

The online communities of Photoshop Artistry, AWAKE, Kaizen, iColorama, and several mobile art groups are fantastic. It’s wonderfully inspiring to develop friendships with artists all over the world!

How do you sell your art? Online? In galleries?

Since I live in a small rural town I sell most of my work online these days.

What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

I did a photo shoot with a 5 year old girl in the dining area of her house. I used those photos in several fine art compositions and thoroughly enjoyed that series.

Moonlight Digital Artistry by Beverly Everson

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