Here are a couple ways that puzzles, art, and printing have been creatively combined. Kent Rogowski created this image for his series entitled Love = Love by mixing pieces from store bought puzzles.

Flowers and skies were taken out of over 40 store bought puzzles and combined to form a series of spectacular landscapes. Although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand.

Kent sells 16×20 limited series runs of his puzzle art.

Last year art and fashion publication, Visionaire, released these puzzles from six different artists for their 51st issue. The large scale 25 piece puzzle with 8 inch puzzle pieces were designed so they could be mixed and matched. Found [Via]

Visionaire, the fabled art and fashion “magazine,” is about to appear in its 51st incarnation. While the issues differ radically from one to the next, each is dedicated to a particular theme that a host of celebrated artists set out to interpret. The latest, published in a couple of weeks, takes the theme of “harmony” and contains six large-scale 25-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Each puzzle can be assembled to reveal the singular image created by each artist, or they can be mixed up together – in “harmony” we imagine – to create wild and crazy abstract pictures.

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