From Paris to Venice, seascapes, and mountains, fine art photographs by Serge Ramelli stop viewers in their tracks. Fine art patrons may think they know the iconic Eiffel Tower, but when they see Serge’s interpretation, it’s like seeing it for the first time.

ArtisanHD Ambassador Serge Ramelli“I want photos to have a dramatic effect – like something meaningful is about to happen,” he explains. And he is committed to making that level of innovation happen, “There are places I had to revisit 16 times to get the right aspect.”

The mood he is intent on creating in his art largely depends on light, so it’s fitting that Serge discovered the transformative power of photography while living in The City of Light.

Reigniting Purpose in Paris

The photographer’s early life offered a hint of the artist he would become. As a young child, he drew and wanted to be an artist – even training as a graphic designer as a teen. Fate had other immediate plans. He became a father for the first time at 23 and had to shift his focus to supporting his family.

By the time he was 35, he had four children, was working as a salesman in Paris, and on the surface, everything looked fine. But Serge felt overwhelming sadness.

“I had a feeling that my life was going to be gone in an instant and I would not have ever done anything artistic,” he said.

Then, something life-changing happened – he picked up a camera. He tapped into his passion for creativity again and it took hold. Serge worked as a salesman during the day and was photographing his city during his off-hours.

“It saved my life,” Serge said. “It took me five years to get good. I became so passionate about photography, that I quit my job and almost lost my house in the process.”

Shangri la noir et blanc Serge Ramelli Photographer Paris France Black and WhiteCinematic Inspiration and Innovation

As he practiced his craft, he found that key elements that fascinated him about cinema also inspired his fine art, particularly his enthusiasm for how great directors infuse color into their films, “I’ve always been fascinated by the aesthetics of the movies, the way that color tells a story.”

Color and shadow are the supporting players in Serge’s stories, adding flavor to the unfolding drama to reveal hidden aspects of his masterpieces’ subjects. In the process, his art exudes an undeniable mood.

Serge Ramelli – Fine Art Entrepreneur

As Serge built his fine art portfolio over the past 11 years, he’s worked with Yellow Gallery, one of the world’s largest global galleries. He’s also published coffee table books, creates instructional videos, and developed comprehensive fine art photography courses.

“I got very lucky in my 40’s,” he remembers. “I made an agreement with teNeues, a publisher, and now have seven coffee table books, and appear in 100’s of galleries around the world.”

And, he has no intention of slowing down – as excited about his work as he was in the years after he rediscovered photography.

sans titre 30 Edit Serge Ramelli Web

Quality is as Important as Innovation for Serge Ramelli

To be a best-selling, in-demand fine art photographer, Serge instinctively knew that delivering quality prints is essential. That’s why he depends on the quality control process that ArtisanHD follows for every project.

“I was doing some research on how to print like Peter Lik (Master, fine art landscape photographer),” he said. “What I found was a cool article written by Mike at ArtisanHD. I then tested their print quality and was blown away.”

The commitment to quality begins from the initial phone call or image upload and ends when the masterpiece is displayed. There are no cutting corners in the print process or packing and shipping of delicate material, so the print or framed art arrives just as the artist envisions it.

“I stay with ArtisanHD because they are simply the best,” exclaims Serge.

Paris color Book web

To learn more about Serge Ramelli’s fine art, coffee table books, or courses, visit his website . You can also learn more about ArtisanHD’s services and quality control commitment.

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