Is Printing Your Photos Still Relevant? The Answer Is Yes.

Living in the digital age has its benefits – most people have access to a good quality cell phone camera within arm’s reach and are able to capture and store an infinite amount of memories on one single device. The ability to take photos at such ease today is remarkable – but can you honestly remember the last time you held a physical print in your hand? The majority of you are not alone.

If you were to pull out your phone right now and look through your photos, you’d probably be staring at over 1,000 images – some of which have been posted online at one point and most of which have since been forgotten. It is the sad reality of living during an era in which everyone is so eager to share everything, instantly. However, by putting your photo captures to print, you’ll begin practicing in the art of slowing down. This truly allows for the end results of your image to be far more rewarding.

Print Is Not Dead – Here’s Why

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It Will Make You A Better Photographer

When it comes to printing your work, especially larger prints, any technicalities with your images will be amplified. Let’s be honest, posting your photos online gives a lot of leeway for ‘lazy’ shooting and editing as it does not unveil all of the minor details. Being able to see your printed photos at such magnitude will allow you to spot any possible mistakes (which are often overlooked) and give you the ability to correct them.

Once you’ve adapted printing as part of your workflow, it will begin to inspire you to shoot and print more. Your enthusiasm to begin working on your next project will increase and this will ultimately help you grow as a photographer. Additionally, the act of printing will also give you a form of creative closure, so you can begin working on your next ideas.

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

– Ansel Adams

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It Gives Your Artwork A Presence

Printing gives life to your photographs and offers the ability to hold onto that moment, forever. It will also provide your children with something physical to cherish and will preserve your family history for future generations. Lets face it, technology fails us all when we least expect it, and the importance of taking the time to preserve our favorite memories, is higher now more than ever.

And when it’s all said and done – there is also a sense of pride and accomplishment once you are able to display your artwork on the living room wall, or even at your office. Through all of your hard work and efforts, you can finally take a step back to admire it.

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We Care About Preserving Your Art

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