Last month we published a “How To” article about printing large panoramic images with ArtisanHD. Today, we’d like to highlight a non-profit organization that frequently orders prints from Artisan, including acrylic panoramic prints.

WorldPix Mission: At WorldPix, we want to make a difference in people’s lives. We believe a country’s beauty is its greatest natural resource. Our goal is to help impoverished nations around the world by capturing their beauty through photographic images and returning the profits of those images back to causes within those countries.

Interview with the WorldPix Founder, Paul Lynch

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization?

WorldPix leadership at the Grand Canyon. (From left to right: Ryan Plakonouris, Jeff Dannay, Kathryn Dannay, Paul Lynch)

My name is Paul Lynch, and I am a physician from Arizona. In 2015 I founded a nonprofit called WorldPix. You can read more about us here.

Our main goal is to get the best photographers from around the world to donate a few of their photos for us to sell on our website, with the proceeds going to charities near where the photo was taken. The natural beauty of a country is its greatest resource, and we as photographers want to support giving back. Eighty percent of the sales from the World Pix website go toward supporting important charities in the country where the picture was taken, and twenty percent of the sales will go back to the photographer.

Currently, we are supporting causes in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, New Zealand, Cambodia, South Africa, and the U.S. with new causes and countries being added every day. I’m so excited about the work we are doing to help the less fortunate!

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot

This photo is pretty spectacular! Can you describe where/how it happened, and how it was shot?

Thank you! The CEO of WorldPix, Ryan Plakonouris and I were on a WorldPix Safari in the Serengeti earlier this year visiting a few causes and trying to capture the beauty of the African plains in a way that was unique to our style.  We had been experimenting with panoramas the entire week because of the vastness of the Serengeti, it seemed to be the best way to capture what we were experiencing.  This particular shot was a little bit of luck combined with preparation.

We were driving out on safari at first light and I was commenting how I had missed several shots because my camera wasn’t ready. We would come upon an amazing scene first thing in the morning before we had properly set up our cameras, and before we could capture the moment, it was over. As I was talking and setting up my camera (planning on a panorama of the Serengeti at sunrise), we saw the largest herd of Buffalo I had ever seen just staring at us! We drove up as close as we could get. I quickly stood up in the vehicle and took 11 hand-held portrait shots from left to right in about 5 seconds, being sure to get 30-50% overlap between the shots.

It happened so fast I literally only got one shot at this scene before the entire herd turned and walked away. I turned and proclaimed, “I think I got it!”

What program did you use to stitch your panorama together? Have you always used this method?

I used Lightroom. I have also PT GUI and Photoshop, but over the last few years the technology has become so good that Lightroom works just fine.

Acrylic Panoramic Prints from ArtisanHD

Have you shot panoramic photos before? Did you have them printed?

Panos are one of my favorite ways to shoot. I have printed several acrylic panoramic prints with ArtisanHD and the results have always been spectacular.  A few of my favorite shots were panos of the Grand Canyon, this Buffalo shot, and my all-time favorite was probably an astrophotography shot of Mesa Arch with the Milky Way matching the gentle curve of the arch – it was a cool spin on an iconic image.

Why did you decide to print with Artisan?

One of the Board Members of WorldPix had printed with Artisan before with excellent results, and recommended your work. I stopped by and toured the facility and was blown away by the size of the operation! We have since starting using ArtisanHD for all of our WorldPix sales.

What else have you had printed with Artisan (landscapes or portraits, print sizes, materials, etc.)?

We have printed a wide variety of photographs with Artisan. Panos, portraits, large, small, acrylic, metallic paper, etc. We have seen a consistency that is hard to match from other printing houses.

Check out the different causes WorldPix supports, and the carefully curated WorldPix photo gallery.

WorldPix acrylic panoramic prints


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