ArtisanHD customer Michael Herb is a photographer and visual artist based in northern Nevada. We first began working with him in 2012, when he emailed to ask a few questions about our custom photo printing. He spoke with our resident print expert, Mike Goldner.

It started with Kodak Metallic / Plexi Mounts, a few canvases… Then we started making encapsulated prints for him long before we ever had them available on We built the encapsulated prints with 1/8” Acrylic, 3mm black Sintra, Kodak metallic prints, and an aluminum museum back. In fact, his orders inspired me to offer this product online as a self checkout print… He said that BayPhoto had it, but he liked us better, so we got with the times and made it happen! – Mike from ArtisanHD

Since then we have looked forward to printing Michael’s entirely unique and creative works of art several times a year. We also had the pleasure of giving him a tour of our print shop a few weeks ago.

An Interview with Michael Herb

Could you give us a brief overview of what you do?

What do I do? I create art using photography and 3D visual aspects to bring my client’s imagination to life.

Would you describe yourself as a photographer, digital media artist, or something else?

Too much emphasis is placed on labels. We often spend so much time trying to give things a name that we forget to appreciate the art. When I started I called myself a photographer. But now, what I call myself depends on who I’m talking to. Although, in general, I tend to label myself as a Visual Artist.


What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

To narrow down my body of work to a few particular projects is very difficult. I don’t know if I have any favorites. I do however have noteworthy projects that stand out in my mind. Some of which are my family portraits I’ve created over the years. To capture and create an image that becomes more than a memory for a family is an amazing experience. Too often, families get portraits taken that only get a few seconds of attention in an obscure album that gets hidden away. When I create a family portrait, it becomes a conversation piece, a highlight on the wall and a piece of art that represents not only the family but their personalities, passions, and imaginations.

Custom Photo Printing with Artisan

How did you hear about Artisan? Why did you choose us initially? 

In 2011 I had challenged myself to do a photo every day for the whole year. What started out as a fun challenge ended up becoming my life for the whole year. I traveled around the country several times. I met new and interesting people and often photographed them. Through that project, I ended up getting hired to do my first creative family portrait. When it came time to print that image I recommended the image be printed on metallic paper and mounted to acrylic. I had seen a few galleries in Las Vegas that featured photographs mounted this way, and knew that I had to offer the same. I looked for a while and wasn’t satisfied with price vs quality. Just as I was about to give up I came across Artisan in a Google search. I emailed Artisan and Mike Goldner replied. It’s now been nearly 7 years working with Artisan and I’ve never been happier with my choice.

What are some benefits that you’ve experienced from working with Artisan (product or service)?

Personal service, and the dedication to quality above all else. I’m incredibly picky about my work and often spend far too many hours making sure it is as perfect as I can make it. I feel that Artisan is like an extension of myself and they pick up with the perfection where I leave off. I don’t often get to see the final pieces that my clients order, but I rest assured that each piece will be as I intended, as if I were printing it myself.

Would you recommend us to other artists?

I already do!

Want to see more? Visit Michael’s Instagram, or YouTube page.

Custom Photo Printing from ArtisanHD

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