29th Apr 2019

Free Online Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners

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We hope you find these free online digital photography tutorials useful. Get out there and try some of these tips! Stay tuned for our photo editing tutorials.

5th Mar 2019

Fine Art Gallery Level Prints For Upcoming Art Festivals

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It's art fair season! Discover an art festival in a city near you and allow us to produce the fine art gallery level prints for you to put on display!

16th Feb 2019

Professional Photographer Club (AzPPA) 2019 Convention

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ArtisanHD was a proud sponsor of the AzPPA professional photographer club event filled with guest speakers, interactive workshops, and image competitions.

9th Feb 2019

Wall Art Decor Prints – More Ways to Personalize Your Space in 2019

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Resolution Number One - Redecorate! Here are a few of our favorite wall art decor prints you can choose to decorate your home, office, or other space.

29th Jun 2018

Social Media Marketing for Digital Artists – Part 2

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What are the best ways to start social media marketing for digital artists? Read a few tips and tricks here.

22nd Jun 2018

Marketing Digital Art Online with ArtBoja and Online Portfolios – Part 1

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Here are some basic steps to help you increase art exposure by marketing digital art online. The best marketer for your art is YOU!

1st Apr 2012

Jeff Davis Brings Out Color with Photoshop in his First Friday Show

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Using modern technology like Photoshop along with his interest in mathmatics, artist Jeff Davis brings out color in his First Friday show.

1st Oct 2008

Steve Ferguson’s art at the Herberger Theater

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The Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix, besides being a haven for preforming arts, also promotes visual art through their Steel Pavilion Art Gallery. We had a small part in the latest exhibit Imprimatur opening up tomorrow evening. Steve Ferguson is one of the artists featured in the show. We made a large print of his [...]

1st Mar 2008

Computer Viruses as Art

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A virus is usually something to be avoided at all costs. They can be fatal for you body or your computer. Artist Alex Dragulescu recently released a series called Malwarez that features computer viruses in a whole new light. It is an interesting concept to display these debilitating viruses as art. It is amazing how [...]