The brushed aluminum finish of Dibond Brushed Metal Prints brings a unique metallic texture to your art pieces. While you may worry about damaging your artwork while cleaning it, our Dibond metallic prints offer unsurpassed durability, with high resistance to weathering and corrosion plus UV-cured ink for extra protection. 

While these prints are very durable, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning them to avoid scratching the surface. You can clean your Dibond metallic prints with any mild cleaning product or soapy water.  

Important note: Avoid ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners, as these can damage the surface of your prints. 

To clean your metallic prints, simply dab your microfiber cloth in your soapy water or spray a mild cleaning solution directly onto the print. Use the cloth to remove any dirt or fingerprints, working slowly in a circular motion from the center outwards. 

With a few simple steps and some gentle care, your prints will look brand new again! 

For more information about displaying metal prints, check out this blog post: Getting the Most Out of Your Dibond Brushed Metal Prints

colorful dibond prints