ArtisanHD Duratrans Light Box Backlit Prints Koi FishA lightbox is a large format display of a photo or art print printed on film that’s framed within a thin metal box that includes LED lights behind the print to emit light throughout the film print.

You may not be familiar with the term lightbox, but you have probably seen these products used in commercial displays at airports, shopping malls, bus stops, offices, and hotel lobbies. Let’s dig into each component to get a better understanding of the looks and advantages of a lightbox.

What Is Backlit Film?

While you can use certain lightweight acrylic prints to get the same effect, film is the best material to light up and create that glowing look. On top of being bright and eye-catching when lit from behind, this film has a few advantages over other print mediums.

Prints have a digital resolution of up to 4,000 dpi (dots per inch), as compared to other materials with a maximum of 2,880 dpi. The results are truer, more vibrant colors, and sharp, crisp details. This method offers unique reprints of your favorite artworks, photographs, and graphics.

What Are Custom Light Box Frames?

A light box is a thin metal box with one large side of the box open to accommodate a poster, acrylic print, or a film print with evenly dispersed LED lights placed inside of it. While posters and acrylic prints work with light boxes, film is most popular because of the image clarity and being slightly transparent, elevating the ability to let the most light out when powered.

Lightboxes are commonly used in public spaces for wayfinding and advertising but are becoming increasingly popular in the home setting because they can add an extra pop to custom photo prints or bring a new look to an old classic work of art.

ArtisanHD offers transparent photo prints and we can custom order the lightbox to display your backlit print, if needed.