A lightbox is a large format display, featuring a metal frame and LED lights.

ArtisanHD Duratrans Light Box Backlit Prints Koi Fish

You may not be familiar with the term lightbox, but you have probably seen these products used in commercial displays at airports, shopping malls, bus stops, offices, and hotel lobbies.

A film print is placed in this frame, creating a backlit poster, graphic, or photograph. ArtisanHD offers transparent photo prints, and we can custom order the lightbox to display your backlit film print if needed.

Backlit film prints have a digital resolution of up to 4,000 dpi (dots per inch), as compared to other materials with a maximum of 2,880 dpi. The results are truer, more vibrant colors, and sharp, crisp details. This method offers unique reprints of your favorite artworks, photographs, and graphics.