ArtisanHD provides ChromaLuxe metal prints in custom sizing available up to 8 feet with the option of splitting larger images into different prints so you can get an image at virtually any size. Also, because we have in-house custom routers, we can cut out almost any shape that you’d like if its total circumference is under 8 feet.

What are my options if the artwork is bigger than 8 feet?

If your image needs to be larger than 8 feet, we’d recommend breaking the image into different pieces. This not only does the image justice but also creates a unique cluster of metal prints on your wall. You have several options for how to split your images up, including:

  • Diptych
  • Narrow Triptych
  • Wide Triptych
  • Uneven Triptych
  • 3×3 Split
  • Parquet-styles
  • 2×2 Cluster
  • Bridal Cluster 4×4
  • 3 Panel Cluster
  • Family Cluster 3
  • Big & 3 Cluster
  • 4 Panel Cluster
  • 5 Panel Cluster

How much does a metal print weigh? Is it heavy?

A 24″x24″ piece of ChromaLuxe weighs less than 4 lbs. This is a comparable weight to a canvas or photo paper print that’s in a glass frame. For their size, metal prints will typically weigh less than framed pictures because of the extra weight added by the framing materials.

Can ChromaLuxe be used for large public murals?

One of the most common applications of large metal prints is a mural in public areas. The metal prints are durable and can stand up to the rigors of a large public space and are the most sanitary fine art option. When decorating public spaces like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc., the need to reliably clean and, arguably more important, disinfect room décor is critical. This not only keeps the art vibrant and beautiful but also reduces the risk of spreading germs and viruses.

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