Have you ever been standing in the middle of nature and felt so small compared to everything else around you? You pull out your camera to capture the moment, in hopes to return to that exact feeling later on. Only to find out how insignificant that small image made that big moment feel. You took a big shot – and that big shot deserves a big print. It may not be as big as the two 14,000′ mountains that you climbed. But printing your photographs large will get you just close enough.

ArtisanHD client and large format photographer, Joe Kyle aims to shoot big AND print big.

“If you’re working on that “shoot to print” mindset, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to have a partner like Artisan.” – Joe Kyle

Transforming Your Big Shot Into A Big Print

When it comes to printing your digital photography, photographs with a higher resolution will always translate better into high definition large format prints. Combined with our top-of-the-line, large-format photographic and digital inkjet printers – we are able to create stunning reprints that are also durable, scratch and fade-resistant. Together, we can create long lasting works of art.

Meet The Artist: Joe Kyle

1. How did your passion for photography begin?

When I graduated from college, my dad bought me my first camera as a graduation gift. I brought it on a hiking trip and I was hooked, even though my pictures were terrible and I had no idea what I was doing. That was back when I thought you were supposed to shoot mountain landscapes with a wide angle lens.

big shot photographer joe kyle portrait

2. What is your preferred camera equipment? 

I jump from Canon to Sony pretty readily. Right now, I’m primarily shooting with the Canon 5DSR because I think the Zeiss APO-Sonnar 135mm 2.0 is one of the best lenses ever made. It pairs perfectly with the 5DSR’s high-resolution sensor and the focal length is just about in my sweet spot.

Big Shot Photographer Joe Kyle Astrophotography ArtisanHD

Photo by: Joe Kyle

3. What is your favorite genre to shoot? 

Astrophotography. I’m still a beginner, but I am learning rather fast. I realized early on that in order to be successful professionally, I was going to have to do something truly different – or at least highly uncommon.

I have an image of the Milky Way rising up over the Maroon Bells that is definitely special. It was the first time I had a complicated plan for a shot that I had to spend months working on before I got it right. The Maroon Bells are two 14,000′ mountains just outside of Aspen.

The reactions I’ve received to my Milky Way print indicated that astrophotography is something on which I can hang my hat on.

4. Is there a story behind the images you decided to print?

Igloo built by Joe Kyle Photo ArtisanHD

South Maroon peak was the first mountain I climbed and that was a big accomplishment for me. But seeing those massive peaks themselves humbled by the enormity of our galaxy – that is just a really special thing.

I also have an image of Capitol Peak that I took in early spring. People love the story behind that one because I climbed up to the top of a 12,000′ peak and built an igloo in order to catch the sunrise (image on right). That expedition competes with some of the worst days I had in the Army in terms of sheer misery. But that shot…worth it.

5. How did you discover ArtisanHD?

I was looking for a lab that had experience with FujiFlex photo paper, and I came across some online articles from Artisan. Most print labs have barely heard of FujiFlex, let alone have the capabilities to actually process it. After touring the Artisan lab, I can see why. Those printers are huge!

It’s somewhat of a common refrain for photographers to advise that you should “shoot to edit,” in some form or another. We talk about preserving data, maximizing signal, minimizing noise, etc…all to give us the maximum amount of flexibility in making our creative decisions in post. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I have sort of evolved to saying “shoot to print.”

When you realize that your print medium is the ULTIMATE arbiter of how your image will look, you can start to work backward when making your decisions during the shoot. I’m still learning about how FujiFlex – my preferred medium – tends to offer warmer blacks and whites, and where highlights start to roll off, and what tonal ranges seem to offer more “punch.” It’s also highly reactive to ambient light, and that brings its own set of challenges and unique benefits.

This is ultimately why I trust Artisan – I know that their consistent quality will let me focus on dialing in my “secret formula” without having to worry about unknown variables. So if you’re working on that “shoot to print” mindset, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to have a partner like Artisan.

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