Have you ever seen a piece of art that takes you into another world? Nicole Wilde’s digital art prints offer the chance to bring a little bit of magic into your life. Nicole is an internationally recognized author and lecturer, and she also creates art related to her work with animals. As soon as we saw her piece “Naptime Story” (pictured above), we knew her art was something special.

Animals. Nature. Magic. Emotion. These are the things that drive my art. My work is not about pretty portraits, but centers on the emotional life of animals, the interconnection of all beings, and the unseen magic that surrounds us all. Each image begins with one or more of my photographs. By adding equal parts Photoshop, passion, and imagination, bit by bit a piece transforms into a magical universe… I hope these images bring peace and joy, engender strong emotions, and act as catalysts for reflecting on the beauty that is all around us.

Interview with Nicole Wilde

How did you get started as a visual/digital artist? 

While I never had a talent for drawing or painting, I did have a burning passion to express myself in visual form. I began to learn photography five years ago, and that gave me somewhat of an outlet. Still, I wanted to do more. I knew a little bit of Photoshop, but wanted to learn more so I could create art. During a very difficult year when I was caregiving for both of my parents as well as dealing with other major stressors, I turned to art as a sanity saver. I dove deep into the world of online tutorials – from various sites and joined groups, including the Photoshop Artistry group and its next step, Awake. From then on, I was hooked!

digital art by Nicole Wilde

Would you describe yourself as a photographer, digital media artist, or something else? How have these skills helped you on your path?

I would describe myself as an artist, because although I do use my own photographs as a base, I take them to the next level through compositing, the use of textures, and other artistic applications.

Your art is so unique! How do you find inspiration?

I seem to have two main areas of inspiration: animals and magic. The vast majority of my artwork is based on photographs I’ve taken of animals, both captive and wild. Animals have always been my heart. Then there’s the side of me that is very in touch with spirituality, nature, and the magic of the world that surrounds us. And that too is featured in my artwork, although somehow an animal usually sneaks in there, too!

Are there any creative patterns, routines, or rituals that help you in your work?

I’ve found that I’m not a disciplined artist who can sit down every day and create for the sake of creating, hoping the muse will visit. I do give a lot of credit, though, to those who can. For me, I do better when I only work on my art when I feel truly moved to do so. I do find sometimes that looking through my collection of photos will spark an idea, and then I’m off, grabbing on to the muse’s coattails!

Digital Art Prints by Nicole Wilde available

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had on being more creative?

Don’t compare yourself to other artists. And it’s a tough one, as I think we all tend to do it, and it’s never a winning proposition. There will always be someone more accomplished, or that you somehow view as better. What really matters is that you keep growing as an artist.

What are you working on currently that ignites your passion?

The same things that inspired me at the beginning, animals and magic/fantasy, continue to inspire me. I also periodically do self-shoots where I can play a part in composited fantasies I’ve imagined.

digital art prints by Nicole Wilde

What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

“The Rising” will always have a special place in my heart. The image of a woman (that was me, after a very awkward self-shoot that was my first attempt at levitation photography) being carried up into the heavens was created during a period of intense grief, the year both of my parents passed away. It was conceived as a transition away from grief, but of course the piece means different things to different people. It is also one of my favorites because it was a concept that I was able to turn into an image I was happy with; they don’t always turn out that way.

digital art prints The Rising

How do you sell your digital art? Online? In galleries?

I participate in local gallery shows and art festivals. But my sales come primarily from my website www.photomagicalart.com. I’ve recently added a section where people can order my art on products such as notebooks, blankets, mugs, pillows, and so on.


The Rising Digital Art by Nicole Wilde available

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