The economic downturn (or threat of one) seems to be all anyone can talk about these days. Many companies have had to make hard decisions and sacrifices while their operational budgets continue to tighten. However, in slow or tougher economic climates, tightening the belt on your advertising budget is usually the wrong move. In fact, companies who keep their advertising budgets consistent during a slower economy are actually the businesses that come out ahead – when the tide turns.

Alternatively, in an economic downturn, consumers tend to stay close to home, and that includes where they spend their money. Consumers may be more likely to spend their hard-earned money with neighboring local businesses to help support and stimulate their own main street, local economy.

Maximize the impact of your printed display advertising dollar with these two simple in-store print retail display strategies:

By printing large format photos, backlit signage, or window graphics you can create high-impact, high-quality print promotional displays that look like a million bucks for just very a small fraction of the cost. ;)

Another great option for retail printed displays we suggest is printing direct to Sintra or Infinity Board substrates as both your printing and mounting substrate. Especially, if you like to swap out your in-store specials often – since printing direct to board is very economical and easy to setup, take down, and store as you see fit.

Make sure to place these impactful marketing elements at your customer’s eye-level within your online retail product or service environment! Customers are pretty much guaranteed to notice advertising placed at their eye-level, right in front of them, where they can see all the details mentioned within your in-store printed promotional materials.

Look up and fill those empty spaces overhead by designing and printing large-scale banners, fabric flags, or wallpaper murals.

Attract a larger audience to your business with this type of “can’t help but notice you from far away” in-store display advertising.

Looking to make a big upswing with these print advertising options? Here’s Our #1 Tip…

Create unique print graphics to go along with authentic marketing messages that will set you apart from your competition in some unique, helpful or interesting way. Effectively executed, creative print marketing will make your brand stand out.

Not only does this pairing of high-impact, high-quality print display imagery with impactful honest messaging help you stand out, but the combo also helps to reinforce what you believe and the difference you make, which can help your customers align with your brand on a more personal level.

All of these benefits also help to make your product or service even more memorable in the less crowded advertising environment we’re experiencing right now during these tough economic times.

Just remember – it is very important to keep looking ahead to a brighter future. So if anything, be appreciative of this economic lull as it provides you with a  great opportunity to clarify and communicate your main brand message in a big way with your audience.

And of course, if you need a reliable high-quality printing partner, just contact our friendly Artisan HD online printing services representatives! We would be more than happy to share additional details about how ArtisanHD can help you out of your economic downturn.