Need signage but strapped for time and the marketing budget to produce your vision? Or are you looking for a unique way to showcase your art in windows or outdoors? Sintra board printing solves problems. This simple, modern way to print focuses on custom imagery and durability. Sintra board is artistic printing at affordable prices. While reading all the amazing benefits of the Sintra panels, you must be wondering what is a Sintra board and how much does a Sintra board price?

What is a Sintra Board, Anyway?

Black + Bleu American Grill uses Sintra Board for their custom displayGreat, printing on Sintra panel is the new and best way to go. But what is it? The process of printing on Sintra panel is similar to that of printing on acrylic or metal. The state-of-the-art professional printing machines at ArtisanHD print directly on Sintra board. Just like plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic, Sintra board is a brand name for a high-quality PVC board. For those who love the details, it is specifically made of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a homogenous sheet. Sintra boards are available at a much more affordable cost than other professional printing options. And it’s made right here in the USA! 

Choose Your Sintra Plastic Board

While we have two options for the Sintra PVC board (White and Black Sintra), the White Sintra plastic board is the most popular choice for durable signage.

Black Sintra is not available for direct printing and is only available as a mounting option. White Sintra plastic board is available in the following thickness:

  1. Sintra PVC Board 3mm (~1/8″)
  2. Sintra PVC Board 6mm (~1/4″)

Learn more about all the finishing options for your Sintra board signage.

Benefits of Printing on Sintra Panels

One of the prime advantages of printing on Sintra panels, and what sets it apart from other professional printing options, is that Sintra panel printing results in a low-gloss matte finish. The Sintra board itself is customizable and available in thickness of either 1/8” or Contour Cut Sintra Board1/4” (or 3mm / 6mm).

Printing directly onto the Sintra board means that you can print full-bleed (all the way to the edge) and even print on both sides. The double-sided printing makes the Sintra board an efficient option for window displays or floating displays, like hanging from ceiling tiles or from exposed hardware in an industrial space.

What makes Sintra board printing so economically cool is that it is durable. It can go indoors, outdoors, resist moisture and fend off UV rays. It’s also scratch, peel, dent, and crack resistant. Because the imagery is printed directly to the board, there’s not even a need to laminate or otherwise seal the Sintra board. Plus you can completely customize the Sintra board sizes and shape.

Hang It, Post It, Stake It, Display It

Durable doesn’t mean boring! You can really get creative with Sintra sign board display options. Hang sequential signs along a pathway leading customers to your trade show booth or the checkout, create a fun outdoor real estate display pointing out great property features or use multiple signs to display one super large piece of artwork, a photo, or a message, or create a logo display board using Sintra panels.

Sintra Board Hanging Sign Display at Bashas

Sintra panels are not ideal just for business and retail, but for artists and photographers, too. Especially in galleries or display areas that are subject to the elements. Sintra board is ideal for everyone from small business owners to artists and marketing departments.

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