Fredrick's of Hollywood Introduces Brand Marketing that Tells a Story

The store known for their exotic lingerie saw an opportunity to revamp their image with the launch of the Harriet Brand earlier this month. The line (and brand marketing) is a tribute to the founder Frederick Mellinger’s wife and longtime muse, Harriett.

Brand Marketing That Tells a Story

The company stated it simply on their site. “To honor the woman behind the man, we’ve created a luxurious, new namesake collection. Harriett is an ode to the love story behind the legend.”

The Harriett collection of upscale silks, satins and laces pays homage to Harriett and is inspired by the 1940s era of Hollywood glamour.

Vice President of Marketing Tracy McCourt said the brand marketing component was a simple concept. “We wanted to pay tribute to a great woman who inspired the founder of our company every day of their lives together,” McCourt explained. “Our company is about enhancing women’s everyday lives, inspiring confidence and being empowered, and this is how she inspired Frederick Mellinger, and our brand.”

Read more about Frederick’s new line, or check it out for yourself at a store near you.