This is a wonderful story, full of tips for shooting in bitter cold. We live in Phoenix where bitter cold is somewhere near 50 degrees… but we are aware of some places that get even colder than that… really!

… Alpen Glow:
Dody and I had just arrived at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Snow Lodge, on our snowmobiles, the day before. The 26-mile trip from West Yellowstone, although somewhat bitter (-25° F), was like traveling through a crystalline fairyland. This was to be our first full day inside of the Park and we were quite anxious to get out on the trail and do some real exploring. With the glimmer of the new dawn on the Eastern horizon, I dared to venture out, from the Lodge into the elements, to warm up the snowmobiles. Much to my chagrin; however, they were frozen solid as a rock. No amount of effort, on my part, could coax the engines to so much as budge from the icy grip. After I had struggled, for what seemed like an eternity, and had worked up a good sweat, Dody, my wife, came out to meet me. She advised that the mercury was hovering somewhere around 50° below zero; no one was quite sure of the actual temperature however, because all of the thermometers there bottomed out at about -43° . Well what were we to do – it was barely dawn, it was freezing and the snowmobiles wouldn’t start!