Some photography subjects are simply timeless. Images of the sea will make you long for a beach, a blank card (or roll of film) and some time to ponder the incredible, ever-changing water. Seascapes as decor have the ability to blend gently into the background or become bold pieces of artwork. One of the most powerful parts of nature, the ocean practically begs to be captured on camera and offers endless images for printing.

Says one photographer, “The ocean is a phenomenal power. It must be respected and treated with great care. Photographing the ocean is fun: you get to be in a sublime place, and the ocean pictures, ocean wave photos and blue ocean pics will be equally sublime.”

Catching the Wave

timeless ocean images for printing

As with all moving subjects, the ocean can be difficult to get good shots of. Movement, reflected light and rapidly shifting cloud cover can all affect shoreline photography.

For photographers looking to capture the ocean in all its glory, there are a few considerations to take into account. First, shutter speed. Catching the fast movements of waves as they rise and fall can be difficult, but adjusting to a high shutter speed can help, from 1/250 of a second up to 1/1000. This should be combined with apertures of a smaller size.

Filtering the light when photographing water is another option. Working with a neutral density filter to limit light can be beneficial. Using 10-stop, 3-stop and 6-stop are the photographer’s best options for this situation.

For those looking to get more creative, effects can be added by using longer shutter speeds. This can change the look of the water as it captures movement over the length of the exposure. Neutral density filters are required, as well as the steadiness of a tripod. This can capture the motion of the waves in the two-dimensional medium of photography.

Bring the Beach Home with Memories and Images for Printing

wall art decor prints beach photo artisanhdBeach and ocean photography are timeless images that make for popular decor. They often fall into two categories: thematic or memories. Seaside homes find a nautical theme simple to accomplish with a few rusted anchors here, a few beach photos there. A print can be a great way to bring the feeling of the beach inside. 

Bringing the beach with you in photography is even more important for those who live far from the shoreline. A great tropical vacation or a regular family lobster-fest on the coast can be memorialized in a print for years to come.

Preserving those memories is simple at ArtisanHD with the many options offered for custom printing. Acrylic options span plexiglass face mounting, print encapsulation and TruLife™ face mounting for bright, clear photo displays. Dibond® Brushed Metal prints and ChromaLuxe® Dye-Sub Metal prints create lasting versions of art that are durable and resistant to water damage. Those beach memories will hang on your wall for a long time with professional quality printing.

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Updated July 2020