While we think that there can be some areas in which significant detail can be a bit sharper, we have made some exceptionally gorgeous prints from rather smallish files. Seriously… we have a 24×36 in our lobby taken from a 2MB file. Sure – if you stand 4 inches away, you can see a bit of softness, but at normal viewing, the action of the football players is palpable. Read this, and let the healing begin.

Pogue’s Posts – Technology – New York Times Blog: “Anyway, we ran the test for about 45 minutes. Dozens of people stopped to take the test; a little crowd gathered. About 95 percent of the volunteers gave up, announcing that there was no possible way to tell the difference, even when mashing their faces right up against the prints. A handful of them attempted guesses—but were wrong. Only one person correctly ranked the prints in megapixel order, although (a) she was a photography professor, and (b) I believe she just got lucky.”