Blank walls in a home, office, or corporate environment are uninspiring and impersonal. Adding art to a space can help people feel comfortable and motivated. However, the high cost of art prohibits many people from decorating.

But art doesn’t have to be expensive! High quality prints of free public domain art images allow anyone to customize a lackluster space and make it their own.

Public Domain Art

Art is considered “public domain” when it is no longer, or never was, protected by copyright laws. This can happen for several reasons: the art was never copyrighted, the copyright expired, or the copyright owner waived their rights to the art.

Public domain art can be downloaded, printed, and displayed without licenses, fees, or legal restrictions.

Fine Art on a Budget

There are many benefits to using public domain art to decorate your home or office.

  • Save money: These images are free to download, just pay for printing.
  • Character: So many corporate environments look the same. Distinguish your space with art that highlights your interests and values.
  • Aesthetics: Empty walls make a space look unfinished. Art provides a color palette, serves as a focal point, and gives a pop of color to a dull room.
  • Evoke emotion: Art can inspire a wide range of emotions, from motivation and comfort, to empowerment, intrigue, and so much more.

10 Websites with Incredible Public Domain Images


Tarantula Nebula photo

Who doesn’t love looking up at a clear night sky full of stars? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a breathtaking public domain image library that will transport you to the far reaches of space.

This ethereal image of the Tarantula Nebula depicts one of the largest star forming regions near our galaxy. Colorful, swirling images of space are sure to stand out and be a focal point in your room.

National Gallery of Art

“Three Pears” painting by French artist Paul Cézanne

Bring the museum to your home or office with the open access library from the National Gallery of Art. The NGA in Washington D.C. has compiled a collection of images from their permanent collection that are in the public domain.

“Three Pears” by French artist Paul Cézanne would add a nice pop of green to a kitchen or dining room.


The US National Park Service

Arches National Park

Stunning photos of national park landscapes are available for free download on the NPS website. No matter if you’re searching for serene lakes, bold mountains, or powerful waterfalls, the NPS gallery has a photo to evoke your desired emotion.

Marvel at the natural architecture and bold colors of Arches National Park. This is a great way to open up small spaces and add brightness to dark or dull rooms.

The MET Collection

Fishing Boats Key West painting by American artist Winslow Homer

The Metropolitan Museum (MET) in New York City, a cultural hub with over 5,000 years of art representation, also provides free access to images of public domain art in the museum’s collection.

This watercolor painting by American artist Winslow Homer – “Fishing Boats, Key West” – is appropriate for either the home or corporate environment with its sunny, serene atmosphere and agreeable blue palate.


The Great Wave off Kanagawa painting by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai

This website has an impressive gallery of famous artwork, like Vincent VanGoh’s “Starry Night,” as well as lesser known, beautiful works.

Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is a well-known piece exuding power and energy in shades of blue.


The Public Domain Review

The Geometric Landscapes of Lorenz Stoer 1567. from the PDRs collection 1

This online journal and non-profit project is an obscure collection of art described by the curators as a “cabinet of curiosities.” These compelling images will challenge viewers and generate conversation.

Pictured on the right is an image from the PDR’s collection “The Geometric Landscapes of Lorenz Stoer (1567).” The juxtaposition of geometry and scrollwork inspired craftsmen in northern Europe who made furniture in the style of Stoer’s drawings.



Piano Keys photo by Lee Coursey

Flickr is an image hosting and sharing website with a “creative commons” section featuring public domain images. Individual users can waive their rights to the photos they post on the site, and Flickr partners with many institutions, including the Library of Congress and many museums, to create public domain galleries.

“Piano Keys” by Lee Coursey is a classic, elegant black and white photo from Flickr’s music and musicians gallery that can be easily integrated into any music lover’s space.



Eiffel Tower photo

Pixnio’s website has clearly defined image categories such as landscapes, plants, architecture, etc. to make browsing easy. You are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

An exciting travel photo like this dramatic image of the Eiffel Tower inspires motivation.

Kaboom Pics

Picture of plant

This website has a large selection of public domain images with new images added daily. The search features are helpful for specifying art based on theme, color, and even image orientation.

Plants, like this succulent, are a great way to add geometric patterns, texture, and color to a home or corporate office.


Architectural image by Alex Wong

User-friendly categories and galleries as well as quick download links make this site easy to use. Browse the popular search gallery to see what is trending.

This architectural image by Alex Wong exudes warmth from the sunset hues reflected between two buildings.


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