This is a great little article form “Studio Photography” on how using very large images to build an awareness campaign. Read the whole thing.

Marketing Section IV – Features | “After seeing the success of these displays, we revamped the displays in several of the jewelry stores we work with. Morgan Jewelers and Schubach Jewelers have left it up to us as to what images work best. All the display images in these stores are 40×60 or larger. Prospective brides call us all the time now about these jewelry store displays. To make it a win-win situation with our vendors, we give each of them $50 to $100 gift certificates that they can give to their selected customers to redeem at our studio.

This year, we started working with a local bridal shop, a women’s clinic, and The Buckle, a popular teen clothing store. We photograph our upcoming senior reps in Buckle clothing and have a DVD slideshow playing in their front window. Clark and Rachel Martin gave us the idea of working with The Buckle and showing a DVD slideshow.

We’ve learned five display musts: (1) To stand out, you need to be out in front of your potential clients; (2) images must command the display space they take up; (3) we have to keep the images fresh by changing them two to three times a year; (4) we need a common link in all our advertising that brands us and always links the client back to us; and (5) we have to make it a win-win for our studio and our vendors.”