The WPPI 2017 Expo was an amazing learning opportunity!

Staying on top of the latest trends in the competitive space of Wedding and Portrait Photography (WPPI) takes skill, marketing savvy and flair. Not every photographer can pull this off.  You have to know what to anticipate.  You have to be ready to catch that one special fleeting moment and capture a memory that your customer will treasure for decades. No pressure, right?

But it doesn’t end with simply “getting the shot”.  You have to provide more then just a Thumb-drive filled with a collection of photos, clients want turn-key service. From hand-crafted albums to printed and framed Center Pieces they can hang in their homes, Wedding and Portrait Photography is so much more then just pictures. They capture emotions, a mood, a moment in time – frozen, just waiting to be brought back to life by amazing prints.

“Hands down, WPPI has made the biggest impact on our growth as photographers. The speakers inspire, educate and challenge us to keep pushing our creativity, improve technically, and reinvigorate our approach to business and marketing. [The] print competition holds us accountable, [helping us] become better than we were as artisans. However, it’s the individual bonds and friendships forged each year that impacts our lives long after the last class ends.” – Luke Edmonson, Edmonson Wedding Photography

Vendors Galore!

With an entire section of the EXPO floor dedicated to Vendors, we had a chance to see first hand what wedding and portrait photographers can offer the end-user. Some were very niche, like hand-crafted leather straps for all the expensive gear.  Others were more high-tech, like Drones for Aerial shots.  There were also waterproof camera skins that work in even the harshest climates.

If Tech & Gear wasn’t your thing, then the massive calendar of Seminars, Hands-on sessions, photowalks and “insider tricks’ from the Pro’s kept you plenty busy. The Photo Den was a place to take a break from the show floor and put your feet up and lounge.  You could plug in, hang out and even play a game of ping pong.  Or share work in the middle of the show floor and then go visit your favorite exhibitors.

Power of Print Pavilion

Brought to you by Canon & Sponsored by Moab

The Power of Print (Booth# 1165) was one of our favorites, naturally!  It was print galleries full of inspiring photography, classes that will invigorate the print side of your business, and a Canon print experience right on the show floor. Canon had its 17-inch PRO-1000 and 24-inch PRO-2000 on display in an interactive mobile trailer. At the trailer, you could not only get a hands-on look at the printers, attendees were able to make their own print (13″x19″, 17″x22″, 20″x24″) free of charge.

Printing some of your work on site was a real treat, but many started the print process long ago.  They entered their amazing creations in the 2017 Photo Competition! Check out some of these Winning Entries!



Wedding and Portrait Photography Highlights from 2016:

This little time-lapse clip packs a lot of action in just a few minutes from the 2016 wedding and portrait photography expo!


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