Photoshop Express launched

The new online version of Photoshop launched today. Although you can not do everything you would be able to do in the full version (no layers here), with Photoshop Express you can do minor spot correction, adjust exposure, set white balance, sharpening and much more. They also offer photo sharing, file storage, and a pretty extensive photo sharing community. Best of all it is free. Here is Jack Nack’s run down of the features:

  • Includes tools for applying spot healing, distortions, sharpening/softening, color tweaks, image filters, and more
  • Offers 2GB of space for storing images
  • Supports tie-ins to Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa
  • Runs in any browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux using the Flash Player (v9) [Update: Sounds like there are some beta-ish glitches in some browsers]
  • Will include an AIR-based desktop version (useful for editing images offline) and printing services
  • Will remain free, with paid service adding more functionality

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