New product announcement – ArtisanHD now offers Clusters and Splits in our print product lineup! Choose from over 20 configurations to easily create a unique art gallery wall for your home or office.

Clusters: Group Multiple Complementary Images Together

Clusters showcase up to five images, each printed on a separate square or rectangular panel. Some layouts feature multiple panels of the same size, while others offer a variety of panel shapes or sizes.

Splits: Segment a Single Image Over Multiple Printed Panels

Splits showcase a single image, cut into multiple square or rectangular panel shapes and/or sizes. Diptychs (2 panels), triptychs (3 panels) and parquets (varied block geometric patterns) are popular.

Visit the ArtisanHD Clusters and Splits print product page to check out all 24 layout configurations!

How to Order Your ArtisanHD Clusters & Splits Today!

  1. First – upload your image with our Custom Configurator.
  2. Next – choose your printing substrate. Images can be printed with:
  3. Once your order is placed with ArtisanHD – your cluster or split combination prints will be reviewed by a professional print artisan to ensure the very best print quality possible.
  4. Finally – your cluster or split combination prints are carefully packaged and shipped to you, complete with a handy hanging pattern and all the hardware you’ll need for easy installation!

Still Have Questions about ArtisanHD Clusters and Splits?

Please feel free to email us at or call us at 1 (877) 948-0009 M-F 8A-5P MST.

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