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Our thick, textured canvas prints are a great choice for images of any size or content. Professionally printed, packaged, and shipped. Looking for Common Size Pricing? CLICK HERE!

  • Latex-based ink resists fading
  • Entirely custom sizes, up to 10′
  • Mirrored, White, or Black Border
  • Hand-stretched across a wooden frame or rolled
  • Canvas can last 100+ years with proper care

Bring your masterpeice to life
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Classic. Timeless. Traditional.

Bring your photos to life with ArtisanHD’s premium archival-rated custom canvas prints. This classic material offers a unique texture and lightweight hanging, in any size for both high-definition photography and fine art. ArtisanHD only uses the latest in latex ink technology, so there’s no need for an additional varnish.

“The quality of the canvas print I purchased was superb. The customer service to make sure I received my product on time was outstanding. Customer service like this is akin to 30 years ago and is refreshing in this day and age. I look forward to ordering again and again from ArtisanHD.”

Pamela P, ArtisanHD Customer

Customization Options For Canvas Prints

You have a lot of options in bringing your artwork to life on canvas print. Depending on the application and your personal taste, you can configure a canvas print (or one big print broken into different panels). Below are the options for creating your amazing canvas art.

Choose Your Canvas Size

Pick any canvas size between 10″x10″ and we’ll cut and print to your specifications. Popular sizes include:

  • 12″ x 18″
  • 18″ x 24″
  • 24″ x 36″
  • 30″ x 40″

 Choose Your Frame Depth

Canas prints come wrapped around a wooden frame and both the size and the depth of the frame can be configured. You can choose between three different canvas depths:

  • 9/16″
  • 1 1/2″ (standard)
  • 2″

Don’t want the frame? We offer canvas that is professionally printed and carefully rolled in a tube for convenient and secure shipping (see image / specs below).

Please Note – Embedded signatures should always be at minimum 1 inch from the corners of the image.

Thin 9/16″ Frame

canvas prints

Standard 1 1/2″ Frame

canvas prints

Deep 2″ Frame

canvas prints

Finishing Options for Canvas Prints

Choose Your Gallery Wrap

Along with the depth, you choose what to do with the canvas on that dimension. There are three different types of gallery finishes:

  • Black gallery wrap
  • White gallery wrap
  • Mirrored gallery wrap

Choose Your Canvas Finish

Depending on the application (usually the amount of direct/indirect light where the canvas will be hung), you may opt for different finishes on the canvas:

  • Matte finish – typically chosen for fine art
  • Semi-gloss – most popular for portraits
  • Glossy – best for landscape commercial prints

Black Gallery Wrap

High Quality Digital Photo to Canvas Prints Black Wrap

Side surfaces are black, and the canvas is stretched on a high-quality wood frame.

White Gallery Wrap

High Quality Digital Photo to Canvas Prints White Wrap

Side surfaces are white, and the canvas is stretched on a high-quality wood frame.

Mirrored Gallery Wrap

Custom High quality Digital Photo to Canvas prints gallery wrap

The outer edge of the image is mirrored, and the canvas is stretched on a high-quality wood frame.

Rolled Canvas

Rolled High Quality Digital Photo to Canvas Prints

This option includes a 3″ white border outside of image size ordered. If you require a larger border for future stretching, please build your file with more border.

Not sure what your Canvas print will look like? Try a sample print today!

Order Print Samples!
Order Print Samples!

Have questions about our canvas prints?

Check out our helpful FAQs in the tab above, call us directly at 1 (877) 948-0009, or email us at

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Canvas Glossy, Canvas Matte


How do I choose an online professional printing company that offers digital photos on canvas?2021-03-16T13:55:44-07:00

Canvas girl unique custom photo gifts from a Professional Printing CompanyAn online professional printing company may offer digital photos on canvas, but you’ll want to be sure that you obtain the services of a company with experience, a well-known reputation of high quality results and personalized customer service.

With the advent of large format printers, printing digital photos on canvas has become very popular and affordable. However, the quality of the canvas prints varies enormously.

You may have to do a little research before you find the company you want to upload your photo to, but here are a few tips to help you separate the online professional printing companies from the cheap, discount printer factories.

What makes a Professional Printing Company Stand Out?

To print digital photos to canvas while delivering high quality results, the printing company should have the best and most technologically advanced inkjet printers available.

Also import are the materials. When a true professional is printing digital photos on canvas, high quality canvas is essential. If you decide to upload your photos to a company with cheap prices, you will probably get a poor canvas reprint. The total effect will be much less pleasing than with the superior poly-cotton canvases we use.

To print digital photos to canvas you want sharp, crystal clear reprints. This requires the use of the finest inks in the market. The ink used should be the ink specifically manufactured for the specific printer used. Other ink brands may be available for a particular printer, but only the manufacturer’s ink can be trusted to produce high quality canvas reproductions.

When comparing prices, don’t go the cheap way unless you want substandard results. Besides, printing digital photos on canvas with an established, professional printing company is absolutely affordable. When you upload your photographs online with the professionals, you can be sure you will get a gorgeous result.

Customer Service You Can Count On

If you have questions, make sure the company has a way for you to contact them. And research what types of personalized customer service they provide. Do they have a customer guarantee for full satisfaction? Digital photos printed on canvas should be finished with a UV-protective coating that will protect the canvas from fading and scratching. Does the company make this a part of their workflow?

Make sure that when they print digital photos to canvas, they allow for previews of the reprints before purchase.

When printing digital photos on canvas, the printing company should offer you a completely finished product, including finish and mounting options.

The printing process used is very important for optimum resolution. If their printing process is giclée or high definition, you’re in good hands.

You’ll be happy to know that ArtisanHD meets all of these standards!

For my custom stretched canvas prints, do I have to stretch the canvas myself for mounting?2017-10-25T15:00:51-07:00

Antelope Canyon Canvas - unique custom photo gifts - custom stretched canvas prints

You never have to worry about stretching a canvas yourself unless you want to do it yourself. Since we’re experts in custom stretched canvas prints, most people want us to do it.

Custom Stretched Canvas Prints

Unless you choose and tell us otherwise, we professionally stretch your photos on canvas over a 1.5″ wooden frame. You can choose to have a plain stretched canvas so that you can frame it yourself, or you can choose a gallery wrapped canvas, a process that requires no frame. With this type of mounting, we wrap the photograph around the edges of all four sides of the frame, giving it a totally finished and gallery-like look.

We guarantee that our custom stretched canvas prints will go beyond your expectations. Added to that, our personalized service will never let you down!

Photography is my personal hobby. Is digital printing on canvas a viable alternative for my work?2017-10-31T13:19:16-07:00

Printing on canvas is becoming more and more popular for amateur and professional photographers. Digital Printing on Canvas is gaining popularity over photographic paper for a number of reasons.

Unlimited Options with Digital Printing on Canvas

Large format digital printing on canvasBecause ArtisanHD has large format printers, you have a huge variety of different sizes from which to choose. You can have your photos enlarged or reduced to practically any size you desire.

When you print digital photos on canvas, your reprints obtain a quality that is hard to surpass. Because of the natural texture of canvas, printing photos on canvas gives depth, breadth and artistry to your work.

With our giclée printing process, your photos will look like fine art prints and not cheap reproductions. Once you see the results, you will feel you have purchased your own personal art collection to put in your home or office.

Quality that Lasts

Door Painting Canvas - unique custom photo giftsDigital printing on canvas creates artwork that is very durable and lasts longer than photographic paper. We use high quality, scratch resistant inks that not only add to the beauty of your photograph, but also help increase the lifetime of your personalized prints.

Whether you choose a matte or glossy finish, our printing process brings out the best colors imaginable. We also print photos on canvas in high definition!

Even when enlarged to fit a very large wall area, there is no reduction in quality. Unlike other companies that use cheap quality canvas, inferior printers and uncured inks.

Keep it for yourself, or give a personalized canvas of your work as a unique and special gift.

Does ArtisanHD offer customized high quality canvas prints?2017-10-20T10:44:13-07:00

Yes! ArtisanHD offers high quality canvas prints.

Our thick cotton canvas offers stunning color and unbelievably high-resolution detail. Prints have a classic, gallery-wrapped canvas look. Latex-based ink resists fading, and canvases can be up to 10′ in size. Each canvas is hand-stretched across a 1.5″ deep wooden frame (industry standard is 0.75″).

Printing Options for High Quality Canvas Prints

Choose from 4 finishing types. Our Mirrored Gallery Wrap is most common, stretching the image over all sides of the frame. Black Gallery Wrap or White Gallery Wrap are available for a more custom look. And Rolled Canvas is available for those who would like to stretch the canvas over their own frame.

Our high quality canvas prints can last 100+ years, if placed out of direct sunlight and kept within normal temperature ranges.

To read more about Artisan’s high definition canvas prints, visit the Custom Canvas Prints Product Page.

What kind of quality can I expect with ArtisanHD’s photo to canvas prints?2022-08-02T15:28:22-07:00

ArtisanHD’s photo to canvas prints are skillfully reproduced. You will know by your professional quality canvas prints that you did not send your images to a cheap, discount printing mill! We guarantee the professional quality of our work.

High Quality Photo to Canvas Prints

Artisan uses a high quality canvas and and state-of-the-art digital printing technology. Our photo to canvas prints offer a classic look combined with unique texture and lightweight hanging.

First, upload your image, then choose your print size (up to 10′). Our Customizer will tell you if your image will print with good quality for the size you have chosen. Finally, choose 1 of 4 finishing options.

To see examples of our canvas prints, visit the Custom Canvas Product Page.


Do I need to do any special canvas image care?2017-10-20T10:47:58-07:00

No. ArtisanHD’s photo to canvas printing process includes a sealant and a UV-protective coating. Because of this, there is nothing special you need to do to care for your canvas image. The same cannot be said for cheap canvas print reproductions!

Our canvas prints only require a little bit of dusting with a feather duster or a soft dry towel. However, we do recommend that you keep your canvas prints indoors and away from direct sunlight at normal room temperatures if you want them to retain their original vividness long-term.

Canvas Image Options

This classic, gallery-style print looks great anywhere in your home or office. Choose any size canvas image up to 10′. Then choose 3 gallery wrap styles, or a rolled canvas to stretch over your own frame.

For more information about our custom canvas images, visit our Custom Canvas Product Page.

I would like you to enlarge my photo to cover a large wall area the length of my sofa. Will resolution be lost with such a large canvas reprint using your digital art technology?2017-11-07T05:44:39-07:00

8x16 foot canvas extra large printing using digital art technologyWith the flexibility our digital art technology provides, we can enlarge a photo to print on canvas to fit over a large area without any loss of resolution. If we find that the photo you upload will not produce the finest results, we will contact you.

We know you will be amazed at what a difference our high definition technology makes! The clarity, the colors, and the resolution are stunning.

Other digital printing companies that offer cheap canvas reprints or prices at a discount do not have the digital art technology or the capacity to create reproductions in high definition. That is why ArtisanHD stands far above the rest!

What are some of the uses of digital photo to canvas prints?2022-07-28T01:34:35-07:00

Digital photo to canvas prints have a wide variety of uses, and offer a great way to decorate or preserve memories.

  • Add some personalized interior design to your home or office
  • take those old photos out of your photo album and put them on the wall
  • Reproduce artwork onto canvas

Canvas prints also make great customized gifts for someone special, or for a special occasion.

Digital Photo to Canvas Printing Options

The classic, textured material offers a unique look and lightweight hanging, and can be printed in nearly any size.

Choose from 4 finishing types, including gallery wrap, black or white wrap, or a rolled canvas to stretch over your own frame.

To read more about out our options for printing your canvas image, check out more digital photo to Canvas Prints.

How long will my canvas photographic reproduction last?2017-10-20T11:31:19-07:00

No photographic reproduction can last forever. However, ArtisanHD’s canvas prints can last 100+ years under the right conditions. Our thick canvas material and sturdy frame help your canvas print stand the test of time.

Photographic Reproduction that Lasts

Linda Ingraham Lemons ArtisanHD Canvas Image Print Photographic Reproduction

When we print your digital photos on canvas, we use the highest quality canvas available. We produce your prints on large format digital printers. This, combined with fine art printing processes, produce canvas photographic reproductions that are second to none.

The reproductions you receive will last for more than a hundred years, if kept out of direct sunlight under normal indoor conditions. This means you need to pay attention to where you hang your image, if you want the vibrant colors to remain as they are for years to come.

For more information, check out our Custom Canvas page.

How do I select the finish on my custom photo canvas prints?2017-10-20T11:03:35-07:00

When you place your order online for custom photo canvas prints, you have a choice of how the canvas will be finished.

Hand-stretched canvas prints are stretched to fit over a 1.5″ deep wood frame or “stretcher bar.” If you want your prints framed afterwards, you will want to order simply the canvas print. That way you can buy a frame that you feel accentuates and enhances your digital canvas print.

Finishing styles for custom photo canvas printsEnhance Your Images with Gallery Wrap

However, if you want your custom photo canvas prints to stand alone unframed, you will want a gallery-wrapped canvas. Gallery-wrapped canvases are mounted in such a way as to give your photograph a more three-dimensional and artistic quality. Some photo subjects look better gallery-wrapped than others. Large, natural landscapes or photos of a flower are good examples of when to choose gallery-wrapped canvas because the mounting process adds to the effect of a story artfully continued.

Our experienced staff will wrap the canvas around all of the edges of a wooden frame and secure the canvas in the back. When complete, the canvas has a totally finished look. No frame is needed and it’s ready for hanging.

Once you see the extraordinary results ArtisanHD produces, you will never look at your camera the same way. You will find yourself choosing subjects for an end result you never believed possible.

Custom canvas prints – What are they and what process is used to create them?2022-08-02T15:20:20-07:00

Custom Hotel Gallery Art Horse Fine Art Custom Canvas Prints Kathy Taylor FOUNDRE Phoenix Hotel

Canvas prints are photographs reprinted on a canvas surface. Our in-house canvas professionals will print and stretch the picture you upload so that you can create your very own custom canvas print.

ArtisanHD only uses the highest quality artist-grade canvas and inkjet printers to reproduce beautiful custom canvas prints of your photo. By using our high definition processing, we can turn your photo into a work of art. You get to choose the size and wrap thickness and color so the final product is truly personalized.

Custom Canvas Prints: 3 step process

The process for creating your own canvas print that is uniquely your own is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Upload your Photo from your phone, tablet or computer
  2. Customize your image by cropping and choosing size and canvas wrap options
  3. Place your order and leave the rest to us!

With our large format printers, we can take your digital photograph and turn it into a gorgeous, high definition art canvas. And using our giclée method, we can deliver museum-quality reprints — as big or as small as you wish to cover the wall space you want to fill.

Remember, Canvas prints are a beautiful alternative or addition to any room in your home, big or small. Or even in your office! Canvas is actually much more durable than paper. The material also gives an incomparable depth and quality to a photograph.

How can I tell if the resolution of the photo I want you to reproduce for digital canvas printing is sharp enough?2022-08-10T08:30:14-07:00

When you upload your image file to our online HD configurator, our software will determine the resolution quality. It will tell you if the resolution is too low for bigger sizes of digital canvas printing.

Step 1 for custom printing online - a museum back print - professional photo printing online

To help you gauge the right size, you can even see your custom artwork compared to common household furniture items, like a couch.

Unlike the practices of some discount printing houses, if the resolution of your photo is too poor for the size that you select to print, we will contact you before we start working on your digital canvas printing order. The integrity of your image and product are important to our customer service team – that’s what we’re here for!

Check out some tips for high resolution printing, here!

What is giclée?2022-04-11T13:06:43-07:00

Giclée, from the French meaning to spray and pronounced “gee-clay,” is a printing process from which digital prints are reproduced using ink-jet printing. This sounds underwhelming until you realize advanced high-tech ink-jet technology makes for sharper details and the ink will last longer than traditional prints.

In fact, the ink-jet printers used at high-end, custom printing shops like ArtisanHD, use the latest ink-jet technology that provides smooth and precise images with no dots, blurs, or lines all while having the true hues of the original print.

Why choose giclée prints of fine art or photos for canvas prints?

Artistic details on fine art giclée prints

  • Fine detail – Advances in ink-jet technology reproduce images at a fidelity that traditional printing can’t replicate
  • Precise color-matching – With a blend of 8 – 12 colors and professional imaging software, colors can be tuned to match the original
  • Durable inks – The type of ink ink-jets use last long.

Giclée canvas printing allows photographers to reproduce their photographs onto a completely new medium, other than traditional photo paper. With giclée reprints, we can reproduce digital images to just about any size you want. The results are astounding. Fine art giclée prints on canvas are also very durable, and under the right conditions, last a long time.

In the case of professional artists, the original work can be multiplied in a limited run for sale purposes. This is very cost-effective for artists with limited budgets. The large format printers used to produce giclée prints work extremely fast and are capable of replicating thousands of prints in a short period of time.

Difference Between Cheap And Professional Giclée Prints

  • Canvas vs. canvas paper – There’s a huge difference and cheaper giclée will be lower quality
  • Ink-jet technology – Giclée is cheaper when you use outdated ink-jet printers with fewer colors and detail
  • Size limitations – Large giclée prints on quality canvas require the highest-end machines to accomplish

Be careful from whom you order your giclée on canvas reprints. They promise you a cheap giclée print and then mail you a print made on canvas paper. The canvas paper is made to replicate a canvas look but it is not made from the high-quality poly-cotton canvas we use. The canvas paper is a linen derivative with an embossed finish. When you place an online order, make sure that the company from whom you are ordering has large-format inkjet printers and not souped-up copy machines.

Are Giclée Art Prints Worth It?

We help artists, companies, and individuals from all over the world to create or recreate beautiful images using Giclée art prints. Because of both the quality of the final images on high-grade canvas and the longevity of the final product, we recommend it to anyone looking for something beyond a standard print.

Our giclée printing services are always in high demand because of their indisputable beauty. One of the reasons for this demand is that giclée canvas printing requires special light-fast inks. We use only the best quality inks, inks that highlight all of the shades, nuances, and hues of the color of the original digital photograph or painting. Artisan HD specializes in the Giclée on Canvas method. With our large format inkjet printers, we can transfer your artwork and photography projects into fine art giclée prints.

How would you compare custom plexiglass to canvas prints from ArtisanHD?2017-10-27T16:16:53-07:00

In terms of quality, when you upload your digital photos, you will get the same high quality reprints from custom plexiglass and canvas prints. Both are the result of a direct printing process using large format inject printers. However, the finished products look quite different from each other.

Our custom plexiglass / acrylic printing produces a sleek, shiny, modern glass reprint. With crisp, clean edges and sharp colors, acrylic prints look great in a home, office or gallery.

Our custom canvas prints are printed with UV-cured ink for long-lasting, vibrant colors. Canvas prints are more textured and traditional-looking than acrylic prints.

No matter which process you use, your personalized print will be a treasure forever.

What options do I have for custom canvas prints?2017-10-27T16:47:42-07:00

Canvas prints are photographs reprinted on a canvas surface. Artisan HD (High Definition) uses the highest quality of artist-grade canvas and inkjet printers to reproduce custom canvas prints of your photo. Using our high definition processing, we can turn your photo into a work of art. With our large format printers, we can take your digital photograph and turn it into a gorgeous high definition art canvas, and using our giclée method, we can deliver museum quality reprints — as big or as small as you wish to cover the wall space you want to fill.

Canvas prints are a beautiful alternative or addition to any room, big or small, in your home, or in your office. Much more durable than paper, canvas prints give depth and quality to a photograph that is incomparable.

Custom Canvas Prints

Finishing Options for Custom Canvas Prints

When you place your order online for personalized digital photo prints on canvas, you have a choice of how the canvas will be finished.

Canvas prints are stretched to fit over a 1.5″ deep wood frame or “stretcher bar”. If you want your prints framed afterwards, you will want to order simply the canvas print. That way you can buy a frame that you feel accentuates and enhances your digital canvas print.

However, if you want your custom canvas prints to stand alone unframed, you will want a gallery-wrapped canvas. Gallery-wrapped canvases are mounted in such a way as to give your photograph a more three-dimensional artistic quality. Some photo subjects look better gallery-wrapped than do others. Large natural landscapes or photos of a flower are good examples of when to choose gallery-wrapped canvas because the mounting process adds to the effect of a story artfully continued.

Our experienced staff will wrap the canvas around all of the edges of a wooden frame and secure the canvas in the back. When complete, the canvas has a totally finished look. No frame is needed and it’s ready for hanging.

Do you take online custom orders for a photo to canvas print?2022-08-09T09:28:51-07:00

Artisan HD will gladly accept a custom order online for a photo to canvas print and will do everything possible to respond to your needs.

Canvas prints bird - Photo to Canvas Print

Endless Options for  a Photo to Canvas Print

If you do not see a size you need or want, we will be happy to work with you to get your digital photo onto canvas. Normally, we can reduce or enlarge any photo to the size of your choice.

When we print canvas photos, we also offer personalized custom choices such as matte or glossy finishes for your canvas reprint. Just tell us your preferences and we will transfer your photo into a masterpiece.

For customized orders, our customer service will make certain that all of your questions are answered.

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ArtisanHD Customer Reviews

As the owner of a small startup company, I looked around The Valley and online for professional high quality printed products. Other solutions always seemed to come with a tradeoff: poor customer service, product size constraints, high pricing and volume, or even bad finish quality. Working with Mike and his team I was able to produce the high quality unique products at competitive prices that I was looking for without compromise. Their knowledgeable customer service was phenomenal! We were even able to find solutions to some of the more complex printing and finishing requirements I needed. I’ll definitely be working with them again on future projects!
I recently sold one of my Digital Art pieces and the team at ArtisanHD have the complete package really sorted out! They are a friendly, client orientated and totally professional team who happen to produce spectacular prints as well! Thanks guys for keeping everyone very happy!
ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dale B.Dale B.
Fantastic staff, fantastic facilities, second to none product quality output. I feel like you're my secret weapon.
Beautiful print work and customer service of the highest order – you'll be so thrilled with how well you're treated, and how they'll go the extra mile to make sure you're happy and satisfied with the final result.
ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Denise S.Denise S.
It's rare I find a company today where the customer service, quality and pricing meet most every need I'm looking for. It's even rarer to find those companies where the staff are not only willing to meet those expectations, but surpass them. In a very stressful situation I created for myself, the staff at Artisan went out of their way to help me find a answer to my predicament. Their team worked with me to find a fast solution pulling me out of a situation I knew very few companies would go out of their way to solve. It's those actions I use to choose who I will send my next job. The service was awesome! The quality was awesome! Their staff was Awesome!
Raegan S.
Artisan Colour is the most creative, talented and friendly place to print and mind meld.  I have been satisfied with every experience I have had with them.  Front end to delivery topnotch.  So glad I was directed to them.
Adrienne M.
Simply the best. Great client services, great people, and great products.
ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dan M.Dan M.
When I inadvertently shipped a limited edition print to a customer before signing it, Artisan was quick to have it rerouted back to their facility to resolve my issue. When I then showed up during the holiday season –– right before New Year's Eve –– I was met by no less than the company's president, Doug Bondon, who was genuinely happy to assist me and get my order on its way in a matter of minutes. Folks, this is what topnotch, white glove service really looks like. Outstanding!
Michael M., Your Content Goes Here
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