Here at ArtisanHD, our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are walking away with the print of their dreams. We recently had the opportunity to work with photographer Shari Brownie, who was interested in turning one of her favorite New York City images, into a unique acrylic ‘3D’ masterpiece. She found herself scouring the internet for tips and techniques that could help turn her artistic vision into a reality. That’s when she stumbled upon our printing facility.

High Definition Photo Paper that Brings Artwork to Life

Through her efforts, Shari was introduced to FujiFlex Crystal Archive, a high-definition photographic paper offered here at ArtisanHD. Chosen most often by our landscape and travel photographers, FujiFlex has the ability to show phenomenal depth and richness throughout images. Combined with its extremely high-gloss finish, the end result will make your image appear almost 3D like.

“I will be doing all of my large scale prints with ArtisanHD. Mike is great to work with. He listened to my needs and what I was looking for in my prints. He also gave me some pointers on the next print I will be processing! Artisan provides exceptional service and quality.” – Shari Brownie

Behind The Scenes: From Print To Acrylic

Her main objective when she was initially capturing this image, was for the cityscape to appear three dimensional against the skyline. She successfully set up her frame and decided to go with a long exposure. This would give the water in the foreground a “glass-like” reflection.

When it came to turning her image into print, she decided to go big and bold. Before printing, she knew that this particular print’s purpose was to be displayed inside of a business conference room. With this knowledge, she decided to add an extra layer of acrylic to ensure the print would be protected, while also adding some additional shine.

With all of the visually unique elements that she was able to capture, combined with the superior quality of the FujiFlex paper and shine of the acrylic, it made for an absolutely stunning print in the end.

Meet The Artist: Shari Brownie

shari brownie artisanhd clientWhat do you enjoy about photography and what is your favorite genre to shoot?

I was drawn to photography because I really like being an observer of people and the environment – being behind the camera rather than in front of it. There is something enjoyable about being able to control and manipulate the image to match my own vision. Photography has always been an interest of mine. So, after I worked for Sony for several years, I then purchased my first digital camera. From that point on, photography started as a hobby of mine, which then turned into a passion. I shoot mostly landscapes, and sometimes portraits but my favorite has always been landscape photography.

Can you share the inspiration behind your print?

I like to challenge myself, I love the NYC scape and there is no better way of learning long exposures. The image I chose was taken Oct 2017 early morning on a cloudless morning. I saw the dock piles and the city skyline and it was the most breathtaking view! I had envisioned the water like a sheet of glass and the reflection of the piles leaning into the NYC Skyline.

What was the shooting process behind your image?

With the NYC skyline, I did some pre-planning for the light and timing. Being that I had only a few hours to shoot in the city I really needed to plan this shot. I picked one shot which was to be shot at dusk (which will be my next print). I had the image in my head but wasn’t sure if I could make it a reality. There was a timing issue from one location to another, but I was able to make it happen! This was a long exposure of 323sec f/11 ISO 100 with 15 ND filter and grad filter (so the piles would not be too dark with a long exposure).

Why did you choose to go with your selected material/finish for this print?

I wanted to use Fuji Flex Crystal and have it encapsulated. Because of the quality of the skyline, I wanted to have the depth and for the buildings to have a 3D effect. Also, given that it was being used in a conference room, I wanted to also add Acrylic for protection. By doing this, it also achieved a stunning look! The client and I were so happy with the results that we are working on a series for the entire office.

More than printing, we’re Artisan.

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ArtisanHD is more than just a print shop, we’re a printing partner. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and having the ability to bring their artistic visions to life.

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