If you have ever needed to remove a person from a background with wild locks like this guy, then you know how hard it can be. Here are some great tips posted on photoshopsupport.com. Although this tutorial is for Photoshop Elements, the lesson can be applied to the full version just as easily. Check out the rest of their site. It is full of other useful Photoshop tricks and tutorials.

Selecting & Extracting Hair – Masking Tutorial – Extraction Tips
Adapted from “Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Maximum Performance” by Mark Galer

One of the most challenging montage or masking jobs in the profession of post-production editing is the hair lift. When the model has long flowing hair and the subject needs to change location many post-production artists call in sick. Get it wrong and, just like a bad wig, it shows. Extract filters, Magic Erasers and Tragic Extractors don’t even get us close.